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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Towel Warmers - Goodbye Frigid Air

Have you ever experienced that terrible feeling from stepping out of a hot shower or warm tub and getting embraced by unwanted cold air? At times, you may find yourself scurrying across the bathroom in a desperate attempt to get dressed. Instead of enjoying the warm, relaxing experience, you are disturbed by the bitter bite of frigid air. If only there was a way to keep warm until the point of putting clothes on!

               Well your suffering is over. With our variety of towel warmers like the Stainless Steel Randolph Morris Wall Mount Towel Warmer, you no longer have to deal with the unpleasant rush of cold air after a shower or bath. In just an hour’s time, our warmers will have your towels feeling fresh and warmer than ever! Just imagine stepping out of the water and being covered by an unbelievably warm towel.  

And the benefits don’t end there! Not only can you warm up your towels, but you can also use the towel warmer to dry your towels after usage. In fact, this benefit helps keep your towels fresher for longer, while reducing the smell commonly associated with wet towels. Whether you are treating yourself to a dip in the hot tub or simply enjoying a relaxing bath or shower, your experience can continue with the warmest towels produced by the finest towel warmers we have to offer.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Museum Bathroom Art

When visiting an art museum, you most likely are there to observed the works of art featured in the museum. However, at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, the bathrooms themselves are actually works of art. Creating permanent art in the restrooms "begun in 1974 as a means of supporting artistic exploration by providing artists with access to industrial technologies".

Annually, a group of selected artists collaborate with Kohler Co. and actually handcraft the fixtures each step of the way. Each bathroom represents different periods and technologies. Photos below are from The Art Museum Toilet Museum of Art.

The Social History of Architecture:

Social History of Architecture Bathroom
Sheboygan Men's Room:

Sheboygan Men's Bathroom
The Women's Room:

The Women's Bathroom
Childhood Vitreous:

Childhood Vitreous Bathroom
Sources: John Michael Kohler Arts Center
The Art Museum Toilet Museum of Art

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Historic Bathroom and Kitchen - The Narbonne House

The Narbonne House is an important part of historical Salem, Massachusetts and was considered a normal middle-class home of the 17th and 18th centuries. Though a portion of the house was built in 1675 by Thomas Ives, the house wasn't occupied by a Narbonne family member until 1823.

Below is a photo of the kitchen which "combines a modified 17th century fireplace and oven with late 19th and 20th century paneling and sink."

Narbonne House Historic KitchenThe photo below shows the tiny second floor bathroom with a toilet from the 1900's.

Narbonne House Historic Bathroom
Source: Salem Maritime National Historic Site

Friday, August 28, 2009

Clawfoot Tub Foot Coasters

One concern that comes with the purchase of a clawfoot bathtub is how to keep the bathroom floor in good condition. A good option to avoid floor scratches are clawfoot tub foot coasters.

Foot coasters are the "perfect solution to keep [your] tub from scratching tile floors" according to customer Linda K. from Easley, South Carolina. She used them under the clawfoot bathtub in her guest bathroom pictured below.

Clawfoot Tub Foot Coasters
Another customer, from Ontario, Canada told us about his remodeling project and how the clawfoot bathtub coasters came in handy:

"Reclaiming the tub, left me with such a gem that I wanted to set it apart & elevate it a little bit more, and these coasters were just the ticket. Lifting the tub by about an inch let me showcase the hardware I'd added without making the tub itself inaccessible. The exposed plumbing, prominently visible through the open bathroom door, becomes an accessible, proud and central element of retro styling."

Check out the photo he submitted below.

Clawfoot Tub Foot CoastersView clawfoot tub foot coasters, clawfoot bathtubs and replacement clawfoot tub feet.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Bathroom Style Quiz

Contemporary BathtubIf you currently plan to update or remodel your bathroom, you may want to use a specific theme or style as a guideline. This quiz from Better Homes and Gardens can help you decide the perfect bathroom style. Click below to answer ten multiple choice lifestyle questions, and be on your way to a new bathroom.

Friday, July 31, 2009

NASA's Bathroom Contributions

Launch of the Discovery ShuttleFreeze dried food and memory foam are not the only popular products developed by NASA. If you take a closer look, NASA is all over your bathroom. You can explore NASA in the bathroom at the Discovery Channel's interactive website.

Some of the bathroom innovations include environmentally safe sewage treatment, durable polished brass finish, memory metal alloys, purifying bacteriostatic water softeners and reflective insulation. Infrared ear thermometers, ingestible toothpaste, and some cosmetics also have NASA influence.

Learn more about NASA and NASA at home and in your city.

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Many Bathrooms of President Truman

In addition to the 35 bathrooms in the White House, President Truman also had a couple in other locations. Below are some photos from the Harry S. Truman Library and Museum.

This photo, taken in 1942, displays Truman's bathroom on the presidential yacht - U.S.S. Williamsburg.

Below is the sink in Truman's bathroom while he stayed at the Laranjeiras Palace in Rio de Janiero. Following that is a photo of his regal toilet and bathtub.

Source: The Harry S. Truman Library and Museum

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bathroom Photoshop

If you've ever visited Worth 1000, you've seen the many photo-altering contests. Contestants are presented with an untouched image and are to create a more interesting image using Photoshop or other software. One contest featured a simple bathroom with a toilet, pedestal sink, bathtub, and mirror.

See the new bathrooms created below.

Messy BathroomBathroom GraffitiBathroom UnderwaterBathroom with Man in Mirror
View the rest of the contest entries at Worth 1000.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Historic Bathrooms - The Eisenhower's

Our 34th president, Dwight D. Eisenhower and his wife, Mamie Eisenhower lived in the White House longer than any other house. However, they called their farmhouse in Gettysburg home. Purchased in 1950 and completed in 1955, the preserved house, has eight bedrooms and nine bathrooms.

Below is Mamie Eisenhower's bathroom featuring a one piece toilet and bathtub, showcasing her iconic love of the color pink. View a larger photo.

Mamie Eisenhower's Pink Bathroom
Ike's bathroom was green but he couldn't escape Mamie's love of pink as you can see below. Take a look at a larger photo including a different view of his console sink and one piece toilet.

Dwight D. Eisenhower's Bathroom
View more photos and floor plans of the Eisenhower's Gettysburg home.

Sources: Eisenhower National Historic Site
National Register of Historical Places

Monday, April 06, 2009

Bronx Zoo Eco Bathroom

Eco Bathroom at Bronx ZooEveryday, Americans flush away around 100 million pounds of waste, using about 32 billion gallons of water. An eco-friendly bathroom at the Bronx Zoo has created a way to preserve some of that wasted water. The Wildlife Conservation Society at the zoo has developed a way to not only save water, but to convert an ordinary public restroom into the energy saving, Eco Bathroom.

The fourteen toilets and four urinals in the restrooms help to save over one million gallons of water per year. The urinals are waterless and the toilets use only 3 ounces of water per flush. This is possible because instead of water, a layer of foam envelops the inside of the toilets when flushed. When flushed, the waste travels not into a sewage system, but into a self contained composting compartment. The compartment has fungi, bacteria, and worms to rid the waste of human pathogens, turning the final product into something similar to top soil.
Bronx Zoo Eco Bathroom
After using the composting toilets, you can wash your hands at the water saving sinks. The excess water flowing down the sink drain travels through pipes into what the Bronx Zoo calls a grey water garden. The water is not harmful to plants in the garden because it contains no toxic waste and the soap used for hand-washing is biodegradable.

Additionally, the Bronx Zoo Eco Bathroom utilizes natural daylight in its design, high efficiency light bulbs, a radiant heating system within the floor, and a system that harvests rainwater.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Warm Up to Towel Warmers

From U.K. to U.S.

Towel warmers have been popular for years in Europe and are becoming the new craze in the U.S. The affordable price and versatility is breaking the heating rack's mold of being an expensive towel heating accessory only in day spas and five star hotels. Towel warmers are available as low as $39.00 in multiple finishes that compliment both taste and budget. You’re able to live a little like the rich and famous without emptying the wallet.

Not just for Towels

Towel warmers are not strictly for towels. Easily install one in the laundry room and throw out those bulky drying racks. They’re ideal for quickly drying delicate clothing, damp mittens, and wet swim suits while reducing mildew growth. Warm your sweaters, the baby’s blanket, kid’s jackets, and many more garments.

Bring it outdoors

Hot tubs and pools are relaxing while you’re in them, but why freeze when you get out? A heated towel reduces the dread of exiting. With portable, floor mounted, and wall mounted warmers, they’re adaptable to fit almost any space and environment. A warm towel is the perfect complement to a hot tub.

Gift Giving

You’ll be praised for the amount of thought put into your towel warmer gifts. They make a great housing warming and baby or bridal shower gift. Really warm other’s hearts by ordering embroidered monogram towels to go with it. It’s never too early to start thinking about holiday shopping.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Keep Your Bathroom Mold Free

July showers....bring August flowers... and moldy bathrooms! Here is a little overview ofwhat mold looks like in a bathroom how you can keep your bathroom dry and mold free during this hot and rainy season.

OK first off what is mold and what does it look like?

Mold is a fungus; molds are plants that make spores instead of seeds which float in the air like pollen. They are a common trigger for allergies. Molds are found in damp areas, such as the basement or bathroom, as well as in the outdoor environment in grass, leaf piles, hay, and mulch. The picture to the right depicts an extreme case of a moldy bathroom.

Here are some tips:

You should always keep the bathroom window closed and use a vent fan instead. If you leave the window open it will blow the moisture back into the room.

Use flooring like wood, ceramic, or tile. This way it can be easily wiped down after getting wet and use a bath mat when getting out of the shower. However, make sure you don't leave it permanently on the ground because that will increase your chances of mold. You should hang it up to dry after every use.

Use after shower rinses. (like Clean-Ez or Tilex Mold and Mildew Remover)These products are inexpensive and easy to use after every shower. This will prevent the increase of any soap scum or mold building up.

You should buy a dehumidifier to pull moisture out of the air preventing condensation build-up and mold on cold tile and porcelain surfaces.

Also take care of any leaks (little or small) and use grout sealer around the edges of your tub and sink; this will prevent mold from forming on your grout. Also stay away from potted plants because their soil is a breeding ground for mold.