Friday, October 18, 2019

Warming Up the Bathroom for Winter

Transitional Bathroom

There’s no way to stop winter from coming, but there are small renovations you can make to keep your bathroom warm during the coldest months of the year. With a variety of options available there’s no reason to suffer from the cold weather in the room where you need warmth the most.

Towel WarmerKeep Towels Toasty

Towel Warmers are an easy way to prevent the chilly walk from your bathtub to your bathrobe. No matter the size of your bathroom there’s a perfectly sized towel warmer for your space. Warm towels are one of the fastest ways to stay warm after stepping out of a hot bath or shower. With a towel warmer designed to heat towels to the perfect temperature, bath time won’t be a hassle this winter.

Maintain Warm Bath Water

Foam insulation is an easy solution to keeping the temperature of your bath warm from start to finish. As we dive into the cold winter months staying warm becomes more important. With insulated bathtubs, you can stay warm and enjoy your bath even longer. Vintage Tub & Bath offers the option to add foam insulation to any of our Randolph Morris Contemporary Tubs. Our specially designed spray foam blend is affixed to the wall of the bathtub, increasing heat retention and minimizing condensation due to water and air temperature fluctuations.

Pursoma Bath TreatmentsRelax & Detox with Pursoma Bath Treatments

Forget about bath oils and bubble baths, Pursoma Bath Treatments are the ultimate relaxation experience! The Pursoma Hot tub Bath Treatment is a winter must-have. This specially made bath treatment detoxifies the body, boosting immunity, decongesting your chest, and provides relief from aches and pains. Create a spa-like journey inside your own home with our Pursoma Accessory Set. Each set includes a Hot Tub Bath Treatment and a bamboo bathtub caddy, which allows you to bring your book, tea or even a glass of wine to help you warm up with during your soak.

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