Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Designer Showcase: Wise Design

Photographer: Josh Partee
The Bridlemile Midcentury is a gorgeous 1950’s home located in Southwest Portland, OR. The former life of the main floor bathroom was less than ideal, with some blue and pink tiles and a claustrophobic feel. The luxurious classical home was renovated by designer Annie Wise of Wise Design and features an elegant Cambridge Cast Iron Clawfoot Tub on the main floor bathroom. We sat down with Annie to ask her some questions about the bathroom’s design and renovation.

Location of Remodel: SW Portland, Oregon
Approx. Room Size: 40 SQ FT
Approx. Price of Remodel: $30,000

VTB: Can you tell us a little bit about your design background?

Annie: Wise Design has been designing residential and commercial spaces in the Portland area (and beyond) for 10 years. With a degree in Interior Architecture, the first focus is on the structure of the space, then the aesthetic appearance. We strive to always create a balance between functionality and beauty. Our interiors are as authentic and unique as our client’s themselves, offering a full range of residential and commercial interior design services.
Before Remodel / Photo Credit: Wise Design

VTB: How would you describe your style?

Annie: I like to go for a classic look with a twist of modern. We like to keep the design true to the era of the home, but with a modern sensibility. At Wise Design we strive for beautiful design while utilizing all square footage to maximize functionality.  

VTB: What was your inspiration for this design/room?

Annie: The former life of this bathroom was less than ideal but had some really unique features to work with. This 1950’s main floor bathroom felt enclosed by an array of blue & pink tiles and a dark tiny cave-like shower. Our inspiration was creating a light and airy feel with touches of vintage fun to eliminate the claustrophobic feel!

VTB: What was the biggest challenge you faced during the remodel/design?

Annie: The space is fairly small and is the only bathroom on the main floor of the home. We were tasked with incorporating all previous features the bathroom offered such as the bath, shower, and double vanity while staying within the budget of our client. Our challenge was to make this space feel less cramped and dark while creating a functional, updated room for the whole family.

VTB: We love the fun patterned tile you chose for the floor! Can you tell us what influenced your decision on the tile?

After Remodel / Photographer: Josh Partee
Annie: Because we were keeping the palette light with the wall color, wall tile, and vanity, we wanted to add a splash of color to make this bathroom stand out. This fun, modern cement tile from Cle Tile was perfect! The patterned blue tile meshed perfectly with the white tile walls and beautiful white clawfoot bathtub to give it that classic look with a pinch of modern.

VTB: With many bathtub styles available, why did you choose a double ended clawfoot tub for this space?

Annie: We wanted to keep the cute, vintage vibe in this small space. Also, the bathtub is mainly used to bathe the clients’ young daughter, so the compact size of this clawfoot tub worked well for its size, look and feel. This tub had great benefits such as the adjustable leveler for easy in and out access, and being made of durable cast iron which can last this family a lifetime with no worries.

VTB: What advice do you have for others interested in remodeling a bathroom?

Annie: I personally like to start with finding inspiration photos of bathrooms that you like. Then pick one or two design elements from the space that make sense for your bathroom (and budget). Keep it simple, it’s not necessary to include everything in one small space. You can have one fun/funky/bold/bright element and keep everything else low-key. Think about a wow factor for your bathroom! Even if it’s a small piece – like a clawfoot tub from Vintage Tub & Bath – or an old vanity you can remodel, you would be amazed what a difference that one wow factor could make! 

VTB: What are some ways a homeowner can make a small bathroom look and feel larger?

Annie: Keeping the palette light and minimal can help. Also, a modern glass shower surround really opens up the room! Keeping a design file is helpful, archiving multiple photo references and connecting certain features you love in each one. Find the elements that give you butterflies when you see them and stay away from the unnecessary elements that don’t.
After Remodel / Photographer: Josh Partee

VTB: What is your favorite element in this remodel?

Annie: It’s so hard to choose just one! We love the beautiful custom white oak vanity, the fun cement floor tile and of course the super cute clawfoot tub! Every element in this gorgeous bathroom brings out the best in each other, resulting in a fantastic classic yet modern bathroom.

VTB: What is your overall process when it comes to designing a room?

Annie: We start with space planning; we usually design at least two floorplans for the client to choose from. Once we nail that down, we move onto the aesthetic look by pulling inspiration photos and creating a material palette. From there, we start sourcing the actual products. Then we move onto procurement and install. Every step is challenging and fun but the end result is always rewarding!

To see more of the Bridlemile Midcentury home and Annie’s beautiful designs, follow Wise Designs on Instagram, Pinterest, and Houzz, or book a consultation with Wise Design for your next residential or commercial project!

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