Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Creating a Rustic Retreat

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There is an ever growing and continued attraction to designing spaces that center on using rustic elements. Whether it means constructing a statement wall made of reclaimed wood or creating an outdoor bathing space with vintage-inspired clawfoot tubs and repurposed wine barrels, the possibilities to make this style your own are endless.

Not confined by location, rustic style can be set in both urban and country settings. In utilizing these natural details, one has the ability to design a retreat that boasts both an elegant and simplistic aesthetic, where they can enjoy modern amenities while savoring the peace and flow that comes from being in nature. Below are a few examples of how Vintage Tub & Bath customers have created their own rustic retreats.


Incorporating antique and modern elements, Instagrammer Lindsey Forst proves how bringing a bit of the past to the present can create a serene escape. Embracing the simplicity of old reclaimed ranch stall slat walls and showcasing the family heirloom chandelier, the details in this bathroom evoke a time when moments were savored and not rushed. Follow Lindsey on Instagram at @citylifetoranchwife for more pictures of her gorgeous bathroom.

reclaimed wood bathroom


Not every homeowner lives in a rural setting, but that didn’t stop designer Rachel Street from highlighting how an urban location can boast rustic flair. Using wood planks varied in stain color, she brought natural elements to the forefront, utilizing fresh greenery as wall accents. While these details exemplify a rustic chic design, the diagonal placement of the wood planks, in conjunction with a retro-inspired light fixture, add a bit of whimsy and charm to this room making it both fun and relaxing. For more of her fantastic designs, follow Rachel on Instagram at @hestiaphilly.
urban rustic bathroom


The Humboldt Bay Social Club, located in Humboldt Bay, CA, is the epitome of a beautiful rustic setting. This social club created a relaxing, breathtaking retreat in their outdoor bathhouse by using clawfoot tubs with modern functionalities and staging them in a rural location. Moreover, the clothing storage area created from repurposed wine barrels adds an extra detail that makes this rustic design uniquely their own.  

rustic natural wood bathroom


There is a perfect balance between the modern and rustic aesthetic that Instagrammer, Lindsay from @our_home_at_fountains accomplished in her Mississippi bathroom. Combining the simplistic elements of whitewashed shiplap, a dark stained barn door, a modern light fixture, and a contemporary Randolph Morris bathtub, this room proves luxury and elegance are certainly not sacrificed in modern rustic retreats, but rather enhanced.

modern rustic bathroom



Craftsmanship is a component embedded in rustic style. This bathroom design from former HGTV show Canada’s Custom Build showcases craftsmanship as a key component. Incorporating handcrafted elements, such as a custom made vanity and wooden ceiling beams, provide rare and beautiful details that leave a lasting impression. It’s this attention to detail that makes this rustic bathroom come to life.

custom rustic bathroom

As you can see, this rustic style trend defies all the limits of space, location, and creativity. Whether in the city or in the country, in confined quarters or wide open spaces, Vintage Tub and Bath customers have created some top notch and uniquely crafted rustic retreats. 

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