Tuesday, January 30, 2018

5 Design Tips For A Small Bathroom

Small Bathroom Design Tips

Having a small bathroom does not mean you need to sacrifice style. Here are five tips to help create a serene sanctuary even in a small space.

1. Utilize Corners

Corners can often be overlooked but they are the perfect area for major bathroom fixtures, such as sinks and bathtubs.
Corner Sinks

More corner sinks can be found here.
Corner Tubs

More corner tubs can be found here.

2. Shower enclosures are your best friend

Who said you can’t have a stylish tub and shower in a small space?
Shower Enclosures

Many of our savings packages include all the parts needed to install a clawfoot tub and shower enclosure in a small area. Find more styles and sizes here:

If you prefer a modern shower, exposed shower fixtures are a great way to add a stylish accent.

Exposed Shower Fixtures
More exposed shower fixtures can be found here.

3. Use Wall Space

Walls are a great area to create extra storage space and keep a spacious open floor layout. Wall mounted storage cabinets add more organizational space and come in many different styles. Wall mounted vanities are also a great option as they keep the floor space open and give the allusion of a larger bathroom.

Bathroom Cabinets

View more cabinets here.

Bathroom Wall Mount Vanities
View more options here:

4. Use Console Sinks

Console sinks create the same open space as wall mounted sinks with even more style variety. A vintage styled console sink is perfect for a small powder room while, for a more industrial or modern design, a console sink with metal legs can be used. The bars can also double as a hand towel rack.

Cheviot Windsor Medium Console Sink

Cheviot Antique Console Lavatory Sink
More console sinks found here.

5. Don't forget the ceiling

The ceiling is often overlooked. Adding overhead showers is a great way to utilize ceiling space and keep an open floor bathroom design.

LED Shower Head
Find more here.
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