Friday, December 22, 2017

Five-Star Friday – Bathroom Vanities

Choosing a bathroom vanity can be quite a process. Luckily, some of our customers have helped to make the process a bit easier by reviewing the vanity sink they’ve purchased from Vintage Tub & Bath. Check out these reviews to see what customers have to say about our bathroom vanities.

Product: Water Creation London Single Sink Vanity – Item #: LONDON24
Water Creation London VanityWritten by: AnnieCIR (North Branford, CT)
“I ordered this vanity from Vintage Tub & Bath because they had the best customer service and the best price. I had read reviews from all over to see if anyone disliked this vanity - because I had to buy it sight unseen. Not one bad review. Also, people mentioned that it was packaged very well - that is the absolute truth. My carpenter thought I had bought a vanity that would be too big because of the size of the box and packaging. It's really beautiful. I bought a dark mirror to go above and got the faucets made by Water Creation London. My tiny bathroom looks as good as it can look and I am very happy with this product. It's classy but yet simple for a smaller home. "

Water Creation Manhattan Vanity

Product: Water Creation Manhattan Single Sink Vanity – Item #: MANHATTAN36
Written by: Caracita (Boulder, CO)
“This is a beautiful vanity and I ordered it in spite of assuming that the top wouldn't go with my bathroom.  Sadly, this is the case, so I have to find a way to remove the top without destroying the vanity.  I wish that they would offer it without a top because most people would prefer to order a vanity top that goes with their decorating scheme.  This one comes with a Carerra marble top that is white with some pretty crazy grey streaks.  I don't mind paying the extra to get a top that goes with my bathroom, but I am concerned about how my handyman is going to get the top off."

Product: Vinnova Naples Single Bowl Vanity – Item #: 710048-S
Written by: PAHunter (Northwestern PA)
Vinnova Naples Vanity
Image Credit: PAHunter
“The marble top on this unit has the most gorgeous coloring I have ever seen. It is natural marble and maybe I just got a good one but the top is amazing. The pulls that come with it look contemporary and I was looking for something more modern but 20 bucks at the local hardware store fixed that. Be sure if you are putting plumbing in you put the water and drain high enough as there is a shelf that sits a bit higher than others vanities I have worked with. I had to cut a few holes with a hole saw to fit my plumbing but that wasn't a big deal. All in all, this is the best-looking vanity I think I have ever seen. Almost forgot, it comes fully assembled (top in it and everything) and it is heavy. Get a strong guy to help you move it."

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