Friday, November 17, 2017

Decking Your Halls for the Holidays with National Tree Company

The holidays are upon us and it’s time to start decking your halls! Here at Vintage Tub & Bath, we’re excited to offer an extensive line of National Tree Company Christmas Trees, wreaths, and garland to help you decorate your home this holiday season. Not only does National Tree Company offer the best selection of the most realistic looking artificial Christmas trees, they’re also at the forefront of innovation. Many of their products offer features that are exclusive to the National Tree Company brand. 

National Tree Company
  • Feel Real® Tip Technology – Products with Feel Real® Tip Technology have crush-resistant polyethylene tips, which give the trees and greenery a more realistic look and feel.
  • Dual Color® Lights – These products have low voltage LED bulbs, which change from a warm white to multicolored. They also include a switch that controls nine different light functions.
  • PowerConnect - Sick and tired of dealing with multiple strings of lights and extension cords? With PowerConnect™ you don’t have to. These trees have electrical connections through the tree’s center poles.

Oh, did we forget to mention, we have over 25 tree and greenery types to choose from? Whether you have your heart set on a Douglas fir or you’re dreaming of finding the perfect blue spruce, we guarantee you’ll find the perfect Christmas tree for your home at Vintage Tub & Bath.

Friday, October 06, 2017

Pedestal Sink Storage Solutions

Pedestal sinks are often used in half baths and powder rooms, but these traditional sinks aren’t just space saving solutions. They can also be used to add vintage charm to a full bath. One of the main reasons these sinks aren’t used in larger bathrooms is their lack of storage. Below are some great storage solutions that will help you maximize space while enjoying the beauty of a pedestal sink

Linen Tower
Native Trails Linen Tower
Linen Towers – Increase storage space with a linen tower or cabinet. These bathroom storage solutions are available in freestanding and wall mount options and are perfect for storing towels, washcloths, and other bathroom necessities.

Bathroom Shelves – Install a shelf above your pedestal sink for easy access to things you use every day. You can even add a decorative vase of flowers to enhance the overall look and appeal of your bathroom. Another great place to install a shelf is above the toilet. This can be used for storing toiletries or magazines.

Medicine Cabinets – Not only does a medicine cabinet serve as extra storage space, it also includes a mirror. At Vintage Tub & Bath we have a variety of medicine cabinets to choose from, including the popular Whitehaus Musichaus medicine cabinets, which have USB, SD Card, and Bluetooth capability, and are equipped with FM radio and two speakers. You’ll never have to sing solo in the shower again!

Other items like a wall mount toothbrush holder or soap holder are also great ways to maximize your bathroom storage. Don’t let lack of storage keep you from the pedestal sink you’ve been dreaming about!

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

5 Rustic Home Essentials

ALFI Brand 65 Inch Freestanding Cedar Wooden Double Ended Bathtub with Fixtures and Headrests

Wood is a great design material. The natural grains bring the essence of the outdoors, indoors, which makes it the perfect starting point for a rustic home design. Many modern wooden furniture designs are waterproof, making it easy to incorporate them into bathroom or kitchen designs.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Five-Star Friday – Bridge Kitchen Faucets

Typically mounted on the countertop or kitchen wall, bridge faucets have an old world charm that pairs well with an assortment of sink styles, including farmhouse, fireclay, undermount, and stone sinks. This week’s Five-Star Friday highlights several customer reviews on some of our most popular bridge kitchen faucets.

Randolph Morris Bridge Faucet

Product: Randolph Morris Bridge Faucet with Metal Cross Handles - Item #: RMNAB511MC-S
Written by: ABSK (Arizona)
“I haven't had this faucet installed yet, but we were so pleased when we opened the box- it is beautiful!  Very nice quality. Perfect for our 1905 house. Can't wait to have it in our kitchen!!"
Overall Rating: 

Rohl Perrin & Rowe Bridge Faucet

Product: Rohl Perrin & Rowe Bridget Kitchen Faucet with Sidespray – Item #: U.4719L-PN-2-S
Written by: NY2012 (New York)
"Faucet is stunning in person. We opted for the polished nickel and installed ours with a Rohl Farmhouse sink. Absolutely worth the money - spectacular!"
Overall Rating: 

Strom Bridge Faucet

Product: Strom Plumbing Madeira Wall Mount Faucet with Metal Lever Handles – Item #: P0829C-S
Written by: Ludlow1911 (Chicago)
"This is truly a quality piece. We had this installed by a plumber on an old farm style wall sink. The plumber made it look easy and had it installed in minutes. The nickel finish is beautiful, the swivel works great, and you can tell that it's a solid and quality piece in handling."
Overall Rating: 

Strom Bridge Faucet

Product: Strom Plumbing Madeira Wall Mount Faucet with Pot Filler – Item #: P0830C-S
Written by: Pat (California)
"This faucet exceeds my expectations for design and quality. It is also due to the excellent customer service that I was able to find what I wanted. Your knowledge of your vendors and their products found a way to install the faucet without having to remove the tile from the wall. The item was also shipped quickly and arrived in perfect condition. I am extremely happy with this purchase and will look at your catalog first if I need other faucets."
Overall Rating: 

Have you purchased a bridge kitchen faucet from Vintage Tub & Bath? If so, make sure you review your product at You could be featured in a future Five-Star Friday post!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Timeless Style: Black & White Bathroom Designs

Freestanding Tub

In fashion, black and white create a timeless, classic and sophisticated look. It is no wonder the color scheme is gaining popularity in interior design. Here are a few of our favorite home designs that incorporate these classic colors.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Vintage Tub & Bath Goes “To the Trees”

Clawfoot Tub

Every episode of Treehouse Masters brings dreams to reality as Peter Nelson and his staff connect people with nature in beautiful treehouses. From building a treehouse in Norway to a glamping retreat, the newest season has continued to bring innovation “to the trees”.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Freestanding Tub

Freestanding tubs can transform your bathroom, giving it a modern look, while becoming the focal point of the room. It’s almost like adding a piece of art to your bathroom. However, there are a few things to consider before purchasing a freestanding tub. 

Freestanding Tub


The first step to choosing a bathtub is deciding on the size. Your tub should be big enough to comfortably fit the tallest person in your home with their legs outstretched. You should also consider where the tub will sit in the bathroom. The great thing about freestanding tubs is they can be placed in any location or direction. At Vintage Tub & Bath we have freestanding tubs ranging in size from 38” – 72”.


Freestanding tubs are made in a variety of materials. Acrylic tubs are susceptible to scratches, but scratches are easily repaired by sanding and polishing. On the plus side, acrylic makes for a lighter tub than one made from cast iron. A cast iron tub is more scratch-resistant than acrylic, but once they’re scratched the damage is permanent. For a more rustic bathroom, choose a wood or copper freestanding tub. No matter which material you choose, make sure it’s one you’re capable of cleaning and maintaining.


Another element to consider is the style of tub. At Vintage Tub & Bath we have a variety of freestanding tub styles to choose from, including:
  • Classic Pedestal Tubs – Primarily made from cast iron, with a traditional roll top rim and a pedestal base, a classic style tub will add a touch of vintage charm to your bathroom.
  • Double Ended Tubs – These tubs are uniform on both sides, allowing the option to bathe facing either way.
  • Slipper Tubs – With a high-back construction on one end, slipper tubs provide a more comfortable seating position and are perfect for people who enjoy lounging in the tub.
  • Double Slipper Tubs – Both ends of double slipper tubs have a high raised back so you can recline comfortably on either end of the tub.
  • Skirted Tubs – Primarily made from cast iron, these tubs are enclosed in decorative skirts.


The final thing to consider when shopping for a freestanding tub is the type of faucet you want. There are three types of faucets to choose from – deck/rim mount, floor mount, and wall mount. To find out which faucet is best for you, read our Tub Faucet Buying Guide

If you have any questions or concerns when choosing your freestanding tub, email us at

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Light the Right Way

4-Light Bathroom Lighting

One aspect of a house that can be overlooked sometimes is lighting, yet we use it all the time. Light helps brighten an area so we can walk confidently across the room and can even highlight a grand masterpiece in the foyer. Because lighting is so versatile, it is essential to consider all the options before selecting a light source in a room.

There are several different types of lighting, all with different results for your space. The main three are ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. Before you can choose a light for a space, you need to identify what kind of lighting you need and how you can achieve it.

Ambient lighting: Also known as general lighting, this type of light provides an overall illumination of an area. It emits a comfortable level of brightness needed to safely walk around the house. In smaller spaces, ambient light can be a source for task lighting. This type of lighting can be emitted by chandeliers, ceiling or wall-mounted fixtures or mounted outdoor lanterns.

Task lighting: This lighting assists specific tasks, such as preparing and cooking food, folding laundry, applying makeup, shaving, etc. Pendant lights are a great source of task lighting in the kitchen over an island or prep bar. In the bathroom, sconces can be used around the mirror to make for a brighter area. Table lamps can be used throughout the house to add more lighting in the living room or on an accent table in the hallway.

Accent lighting: This lighting setup adds visual interest to a particular area, normally a piece of artwork, house plant or interesting piece of furniture. Accent lighting needs to be at least three times as bright as the general lighting in the room to effectively highlight the targeted area. Depending on the area being accented, pendant lights and simple sconces can be used.

With these three types of lighting in mind, you can begin to see a brighter future for every room of your home improvement.

Source: American Lighting Association