Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pets In Plumbing - Levi

Pedestal Sink

Pets in Plumbing! Meet Levi a 7-year-old Red Toy Poodle. He loves playing in his big backyard and is the perfect fit for this petite pedestal sink.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Hookless Shower Curtains

Hookless Shower Curtain
Here at Vintage Tub & Bath, we love reviews. We believe unfiltered product reviews help customers with their online purchases. One of our most frequently reviewed categories is shower curtains. This Arcs and Angles hookless shower curtain and liner has over 300 reviews!

Here is one of my favorite reviews on this item:

"As someone who is petrified a crazy ax murderer is going to sneak in and hack me to pieces in my shower, I find this shower curtain extremely helpful. The window in the curtain is the main draw for me, but I was pleasantly surprised by the bright white color and subtle white-on-white striping. Also, the fact that the liner unsnaps so you can throw it in the wash is a great feature! The only thing I DON'T like, and the reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5, is that the liner doesn't have weights in it - so it attacks me when I'm taking a shower. Other than that, I highly recommend this curtain!!!” by loveitlongtime

Friday, February 01, 2013

Toilet Bowl – Super Bowl Bathroom Humor:

Did you know 90 million people will go to the bathroom during the Super Bowl Halftime Show?

Here are some other funny bathroom Super Bowl facts:
  • The toilet is flushed more times during the Super Bowl Halftime Show than at any time during the year.
  • 350 million gallons of water will be used to flush toilets during the Super Bowl.
  • After last year’s super bowl game, the water level at New York’s Hillview Water Reservoir decreased by 2 inches.
  • It is believed that close to 58% of people would rather take their bathroom breaks during the game than miss the commercials.
Hopefully, your toilet is up to the challenge. Enjoy the game!