Friday, January 20, 2012

Five Star Friday – Pedestal Bathtubs

Today’s product category is: Pedestal Bathtubs

Pedestal bathtubs are a great choice for a sleek and modern bathroom centerpiece. These bathtubs provide lasting beauty and soothing relaxation. Check out some of these five star product reviews on a few of Vintage Tub’s top quality pedestal bathtubs.

Product: Randolph Morris 60” Double Ended Pedestal Tub – Item #: LG60DEOW8PW

Written By: blix (Texas)

"Great looking bathtub. Incredible price. Fantastic quality. Nice finish. It arrived as scheduled. It was in perfect condition. Very well crated. I worked with Cheryl. She was very helpful and clearly answered all questions. In fact, she pointed out that the Randolph Morris tub was a much better value than a more expensive one I had been considering."

Overall Rating:

Product: Randolph Morris 66” Inch Cast Iron Pedestal Tub – Item #: LG66DE7W8PW

Written By: BungalowRenovato (California)

"We love this tub!!!! Wanted something special for our master bath in our renovated 1916 bungalow. This makes such a statement and everyone who sees it is blown away! We placed the wall mounted faucet in the center, which is perfect for us. The installation seemed easy, but I wasn't the one lifting 500#s. The finish is perfect and we couldn't be happier. I must say though that the best part of my buying experience was the Customer Service staff at VT&B. From the first phone call inquiring about their products to final delivery of the last piece, everyone was very professional and knowledgeable. They even shipped all of our faucets and held the tubs until we were ready."

Overall Rating:

Product: Randolph Morris 71” Pedestal Tub – Item #: RMA71DE7W8PW

Written By: Strudel (New Jersey)

"We were leery of purchasing the Randolph Morris tub since there were not many reviews on line and were going to order a name brand for significantly more. We live in NY, 2 hours from the show room, so we took a drive and found the place really exists and the people are really helpful. We ordered this tub and we installed it ourselves. It is great and my wife is very happy. I was also concerned about the pedestal mount, because I heard other tubs may not sit in them properly and rock or be uneven. The Randolph Morris has metal legs in the bottom attached to the tub with adjustable feet so the pedestal is just for looks. We also used Randolph Morris plumbing. I generally only use 2 wraps of Teflon tape and had leaks on the supply line, in tightening to stop the leaks I cracked the valves – Vintage replaced them free! They recommended using 5-7 wraps, I went with Rector Seal instead and have not had any problems."

Overall Rating:

Friday, January 13, 2012

Five Star Friday – Wall Mounted Sinks

Today’s product category is: Wall Mounted Sinks

Check out some of these five star product reviews on a few of Vintage Tub’s top quality wall mounted sinks.

Product: Wall Mount Sink with Shelf – Item #: C1325

Written By: hotdog (Michigan)

"I remodeled a very small half bath and this sink was perfect. The ease of ordering from Vintage Tub & Bath, to the direct shipment and installation could not have gone more smoothly. The sleek design of this sink certainly gives a modern feel to the bath. I would definitely recommend."

Overall Rating:

Product: Wall Mount Wash Basin – Item #: WHAR035

Written By: powderroom (Pennsylvania)

"I love my new sink. Great quality. The installation was a little tricky because it was so small but that was not the problem with how it was manufactured. A great choice for my tiny powder room. Shipped very quickly."

Overall Rating:

Product: Wall Mounted Sink – Item #: WHLU004

Written By: cabriog (New Jersey)

"I came across this website in search of a better price for a much needed wall mount sink and i found it. Whitehaus is a great brand and this little sink was perfect for my even smaller bathroom. Product was in stock, ready to ship, and arrived very quickly (and the free shipping is awesome) with no issues. I will order again from here and definitely recommend them. No issues at all!!!"

Overall Rating:

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year. New Color.

At the start of each new year the fashion and design industry name the must-have color for the future 365 days ahead. This unofficial top color will be ‘it’ for the entire year and become the most popular shade in all things fashion and design. 2012 is the most recent year upon us. So, what is the top color trend for the fresh new year?

The top hue named is Tangerine Tango. This color can be best described as a bright mix of coral and orange. Although it is only the start of 2012, this vibrant color has quickly become all the rage. Many industry leading interior designers are adding touches of Tangerine Tango to every room for this year. Throw pillows, vases, and art work are easy ways to add this color into any living space. We think the best way to incorporate Tangerine Tango into your home is with a pedestal bathtub centerpiece for your bathroom. offers top quality custom paint that is sure to keep you on trend.

Also, this color is great in completing perfect looks that are sure to last throughout the year. A striking yet practical wardrobe stable, Tangerine Tango, is a fun pop of color that can be worn by males and females who what to stay on trend. Either pairing this top shade with muted hues or similar brights, this orange color is sure to complement. So, whether you’re wearing this color on the runway, or just at home, you’re sure to be in style.

More about 2012 Color of the Year at

Friday, January 06, 2012

Five Star Friday – Hardware

Today’s product category is: Hardware

Great attention to detail can really help to polish a room and complete the entire style of a home. Vintage Tub offers a wide range of Hardware items that can simply add these much needed finishing touches. Check out some of these five star product reviews on a few of Vintage Tub’s top quality hardware products.

Product: Cabinet Knob – Item #: 260-BRN

Written By: Over60 (Arkansas)

“I ordered these knobs because they matched perfectly with the style of my bathroom sink faucet, shower handles and sconces in m newly remodeled bathroom. Everyone comments on how unique and modern these knobs are. I love them.”

Overall Rating:

Product: Switch Plate Cover – Item #: VSR-P

Written By: ReneeSP (Virginia)

“I love these. They look nice against my backsplash as well as on the walls.”

Overall Rating:

Product: Paragon Doorbell Button – Item #: DB645-SS

Written By: Cass

“I am so happy I replaced my broken doorbell, it was easy to do and the new Paragon Doorbell looks great.”

Overall Rating:

Product: Retro House Number – Item #: OHN-BL

Written By: MissOpheliaRose (North Carolina)

“I was o excited to find these house numbers for my mid-century ranch home. The biggest thrill was finding this atomic starburst. It’s so unique and will make the house numbers stand out. Vintage Tub and Bath had the BEST prices, the shipping was quick and I am very happy with their service. I highly recommend them and this product!!!”

Overall Rating: