Friday, January 20, 2012

Five Star Friday – Pedestal Bathtubs

Today’s Five Star Friday product category is pedestal tubs. Pedestal tubs are a great choice for a sleek and modern bathroom centerpiece. These bathtubs provide lasting beauty and soothing relaxation. Check out some of these five-star product reviews on a few of Vintage Tub’s top quality pedestal bathtubs.

pedestal tub
Product: Randolph Morris 60” Double Ended Pedestal Tub – LG60DE0W8PW
Written By: Blix (Texas)
"Great looking bathtub. Incredible price. Fantastic quality. Nice finish. It arrived as scheduled. It was in perfect condition. Very well crafted. I worked with Cheryl. She was very helpful and clearly answered all questions. In fact, she pointed out that the Randolph Morris tub was a much better value than a more expensive one I had been considering."
Overall Rating: five stars

pedestal tub

Product: Randolph Morris 66” Inch Cast Iron Pedestal Tub – LG66DE7W8PW
Written By: BungalowRenovato (California)
"We love this tub!!!! Wanted something special for our master bath in our renovated 1916 bungalow. This makes such a statement and everyone who sees it is blown away! We placed the wall mounted faucet in the center, which is perfect for us. The installation seemed easy, but I wasn't the one lifting 500#s. The finish is perfect and we couldn't be happier. I must say though that the best part of my buying experience was the Customer Service staff at VT&B. From the first phone call inquiring about their products to final delivery of the last piece, everyone was very professional and knowledgeable. They even shipped all of our faucets and held the tubs until we were ready."

Overall Rating:

pedestal tub

Product: Randolph Morris 71” Pedestal Tub – RMA71DE7W8PW
Written By: Strudel (New Jersey)
"We were leery of purchasing the Randolph Morris tub since there were not many reviews online and were going to order a name brand for significantly more. We live in NY, 2 hours from the show room, so we took a drive and found the place really exists and the people are really helpful. We ordered this tub and we installed it ourselves. It is great and my wife is very happy. I was also concerned about the pedestal mount because I heard other tubs may not sit in them properly and rock or be uneven. The Randolph Morris has metal legs on the bottom attached to the tub with adjustable feet so the pedestal is just for looks. We also used Randolph Morris plumbing. I generally only use 2 wraps of Teflon tape and had leaks on the supply line, in tightening to stop the leaks I cracked the valves – Vintage replaced them free! They recommended using 5-7 wraps, I went with Rector Seal instead and have not had any problems."
Overall Rating:

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