Friday, September 30, 2011

Five Star Friday – One-Handle Kitchen Faucets

Today's product category: One-Handle Kitchen Faucets

Written By: Kara (Pennsylvania)

"It took me a long time to find a faucet with what I has in needed to look different than the usaual, it needed to have some style and class, it had to have substance to it, it had to be quality, it had to be versatile (pull out spray with some different settings), and it had to look beautiful. I found all of those things in this faucet, and I am so happy! I can't recommend it enough."

Overall Rating:

Written By: Eatonsgirl (Canada)

"Absolutely love, I bought a copper sink from you guys as well and it matches perfectly!"

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Written By: sailorgirl (Georgia)

"It is a stunning addition to my kitchen. It is the first thing my friends notice when they come in my kitchen. They all say how beautiful it looks! I got it in the stainless finish. It is ultra sleek looking. I love the pull-out spray. The hose extends to 59" so I can fill my mop bucket on the floor. It is a feature that I cannnot live without. I can move it around to easily reach and wash any area of the sink. The 15" faucet is tall enough to allow my tall stock pot to easily fit under it, or i can fill a vase with water. I just love it. My plumber installed it really fast."

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall into Style

At the start of each new season the fashion and design industry name the must-have colors for that portion of the year. These unofficial top colors will be ‘it’ for that season and become the most popular shades in all things fashion and design. Fall is the most recent season upon us. So, what are the top color trends for this mild autumn time of year?

Among the top hues named is Quarry. This color can be best described as a medium blue-gray and is quickly becoming all the rage. Many industry leading interior designers are adding touches of Quarry to every room this season. Throw pillows, vases, and art work are easy ways to add this color into any living space. We think the best way to incorporate Quarry into your home is with a Clawfoot tub centerpiece for your bathroom. offers top quality custom paint that is sure to keep you on trend.

Also, this color is a great in completing perfect looks for autumn, and complements traditional fall colors, such as chocolate brown and taupe. A striking yet practical wardrobe stable, Quarry, is a timeless color that can be worn by males and females who what to stay on trend. So, whether you’re wearing this color on the runway, or at the pumpkin patch, you’re sure to be in style.

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Don’t Miss Out

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Five Star Friday – Home Audio

Today’s product category is: Home Audio

Product: Vintage Desk Telephone – Item #: CR60-RE

Written By: Chesson (Canada)

"I absolutely love this phone. I have it beside my bed and just love it. I use it every night. Quality is superb!!"

Overall Rating:

Product: Vintage Style Protable Radio – Item #: CR221-BK

Written By: hungrycaterpillar (Canada)

"I wanted ipod speakers for the longest time, but just couldn't bring myself to buy one of those ugly ipod docking stations. This fit the bill perfectly -- I have it placed on the top of a set of drawers, and ran the ipod connector cord through to the top drawer, and now my ipod sits hidden in the drawer and all you see is this lovely radio instead! It's really attractive and I love looking at it and using it. The music sounds great to me for casual listening -- I'm not enough of an audiophile to be able to review the quality of the sound in any detail. Vintage Tub & Baths was fantastic to order from, including their shipping to Canada. I had some concerns originally about their use of UPS but they assured me that they took care of brokerage fees, etc, and true to their word I did not have any fees to pay when it arrived!"

Overall Rating:

Product: Vintage Style Pay Phone – Item #: CR56-BC

Written By: NGFly (Georgia)

"We have used this product for right at a year. It works like a charm and I would highly recommend this phone."

Overall Rating:

Product: Turntable Entertainment Center – Item #: CR6005A-MA

Written By: rfchavez (Virginia)

"I Love it! It’s easy to use and sounds great. It’s an all in one and just what I wanted, I've been looking for a product just like this that has all the features and looks like an actual turntable itself. Great pricing too."

Overall Rating: