Friday, December 16, 2011

Five Star Friday – Gifts for Him

This holiday season, give him the perfect gift he’ll absolutely love to use. Vintage Tub offers a wide range of products that are great for everyone on your list this year. Check out these five-star product reviews on a few of Vintage Tub’s top quality gifts for him.

Clear Mirror Shower Mirror

Product: Fog Free Shower Mirror – Item #: 16104-121224M
Written By: pattybetty (Ohio)
"This product is amazing because it never fogs up. My husband loves it for shaving. The product arrived safely and with all the contents in tack and as promised."
Overall Rating:

Log Carrier

Product: Canvas Log Carrier – Item #: MMLCR-26
Written By: Hobbo (Alabama)
"This is exactly what I was looking for. I received it very quickly in the mail and it looks nice. It is very strong and sturdy so I can carry tons of wood in a single load. Great buy from a great company."
Overall Rating:

Bathroom Accessories

Product: Magazine Rack – Item #: G1551C
Written By: Chooch (California)
"Love this magazine rack! Much better than keeping reading material on the floor next to the toilet. We installed the rack on the side of the bathroom cabinet and it fits perfectly. The quality is outstanding."
Overall Rating:

Wood Holder

Product: Wood Holder with Tool Set – Item #: MMLCR-07
Written By: rtjjj (Illinois)
"This Wood Holder with tool set is very well made. It fits in with our decor and holds everything we need for our daily fires. I would highly recommend this to anyone that wants a wood holder with tool set!"
Overall Rating:

Friday, December 09, 2011

Five Star Friday – Gifts for Her

This Holiday season, give her the perfect gift she’ll absolutely love. Vintage Tub offers a wide range of products that are great for everyone on your list this year. Check out these five-star product reviews on a few of Vintage Tub’s top quality gifts for her.

Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Product: Indoor/Outdoor Rug – Item #: K-101101
Written By: TNGramma (Tennessee)
"I was in the process of re-decorating my back porch in red, white & blue, and needed a 'nautical' themed area rug. None of my local stores had what I was looking for, so I did a computer search. I found your website & the PERFECT rug to tie my project together. The quality is good, the price reasonable, and the shipping speedy. Thanks for a great product; I'm happy to show it off!!"
Overall Rating:

Towel Warmer
Product: Wall Mounted Towel Warmer – Item #: RMHT7040SM
Written By: Gennovisky (Florida)
"Absolutely great product, excellent material/quality and the price was just right. Vintage Tub handled my order very professionally, it came on time and I am very satisfied with the company."
Overall Rating:

Bathroom Towels
Product: Avanti Bathroom Towels – Item #: AL-1097MIN
Written By: SKWC (Illinois)
"I want to thank Vintage Tub and Bath for offering the Avanti Linens at such a great price and free quick shipping! I ordered By the Sea in Mineral and they are beautiful. After washing, they are still beautiful. I am keeping several of the bath size towels with the beautiful shells for decoration in my bathroom and we are actually using these towels daily for personal use. The shells are sewn on the bath sheets so if you would like to remove them you may do so and they are still beautiful with the embroidery and striped fabric trim. We have not found the shells to cause any problems when drying ourselves. I did a price check at several local stores and online stores, but Vintage Tub and Bath had the best price! THANK YOU!"
Overall Rating:

Product: Lighted Vanity Mirror – Item #: KY89545

Written By: Belle (Canada)
"Since I am approaching my sixties and my eyesight is not what it used to be, this mirror does not only magnify, but it also gives light so that you can put on your makeup evenly. I also love the three-level easy touch system for making the light brighter. Great product."
Overall Rating:

Friday, December 02, 2011

Five Star Friday – Single Handle Faucets

Often times it’s the little details that make a big difference. When it comes to bathroom renovation this is especially true. Finding the perfect faucet to complement your bathroom sink is a vital step in completing your new bathroom’s look. Vintage offers faucets in a wide range of finishes that will complement any bathroom sink. Check out these five-star product reviews on a few of Vintage Tub’s top quality single handle faucets.

Single Hole Faucet
Product: Belle Foret Single Handle Faucet – Item #: BFL425ORB
Written By: sfpauction (Florida)
"These faucets are being used in a total bathroom remodel where we are using the entire Schon Mainz line of products, so of course they fit in perfectly. Vintage Tub was a great company to do business with. They even called me directly when there was a question about the order. Their prices were the best I could find online and I would definitely do business with them again. The faucets arrived quickly and were in perfect condition."
Overall Rating:

Single Handle Faucet

Product: Cheviot Single Handle Faucet – Item #:C5296AB
Written By: flatlandgirl (Kansas)
"We built our house 27 years ago and recently gutted the master bath and changed it drastically. Some of my favorite things in the bathroom are the faucets..they are incredible...heavy oh my gosh and so elegant..just exactly what we needed. I will use Vintage Tub again for the next bathroom upgrade..beginning as soon as this one is final. Thank you for such wonderful products and the information for making choices."
Overall Rating:

Single Hole Faucet

Product: Single Handle Faucet by Belle Foret – Item #: N32507SN
Written By: kenincali (California)

"These are by far the best faucets I have ever put in. I am not a professional by any means but the installation was easy and fast. If I can install it anyone can. Finish looks great too and it is well made. The quality of the product is evident as soon as you open the box."
Overall Rating: