Friday, October 07, 2011

Five Star Friday – Hookless Shower Curtain

Today’s Five-Star Friday product category is: Hookless Shower Curtains
Product: Fabric Hookless Shower Curtain – Item #: HBH43LIT05

Hookless Shower Curtain

Written By: Zelia (Nova Scotia)
"I had been looking for this type of shower curtain for a while and I am not disappointed. This type of shower curtain does not scratch the bar nor make a scraping noise when opened or closed and looks great in my shower. Thank you very much for making the effort to ship to me. I received it in a very short time. I will continue to shop with "Vintage Tub and Bath" at every opportunity."
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Written By: Leekie (South Carolina)
"This shower curtain is easy to put up, no hooks to fool with, just snap it on. The quality is first class and it looks great! I really liked the free shipping that clenched the deal for me."
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Written By: HeyJude (Ohio)
"After 20 years, I finally decided to take down my shower doors for a shower curtain. I found exactly what I wanted at Vintage Tub & Bath. This is a gorgeous quality curtain with a very tasteful white on white design. Like the description states, you do not need a liner. I actually bought two of these and have them up like you would use drapes in a living room. And, the "hookless" feature is fantastic. I give this curtain an A+."
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Written By: Chrissy (Arizona)
"Better than expected. Great quality for the money."
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Written By: Persistent (Arkansas)
"Been looking for a hookless shower curtain for several months. Could only find one style and only white in retail stores. Decided to search online and found your company offers several in different styles and colors. Very pleased with this curtain--fits perfectly. Thought I would need to raise my rod for the length stated, but found it was just right since there are a few inches of fabric above the rod. Fabric very waterproof and dries quickly. A good purchase."
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Written By: rosa (Texas)
"It looks great and is so easy to wash, I would love to recommend it!"
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Written By: Redhousegrandma (Californa)
"This was my first purchase from your company; I must say I was pleased. If at all possible, I try to keep my purchases local to benefit the economy in this small community. In this case, none of the retailers within 60 miles of my home even carry the Hookless Shower Curtains!
Your vast selection of products, prompt email response to my order, equally prompt delivery, and the added incentive of free shipping will definitely make me a return customer."
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