Friday, September 23, 2011

Five Star Friday – Home Audio

Today’s product category is: Crosley Home Audio
Vintage Desk TelephoneProduct: Crosley Desk Telephone – Item #: CR60-RE
Written By: Chesson (Canada)
"I absolutely love this phone. I have it beside my bed and just love it. I use it every night. Quality is superb!!"
Overall Rating:

Crosley Radio
Product: Crosley Portable Radio – Item #: CR221-BK
Written By: hungrycaterpillar (Canada)
"I wanted iPod speakers for the longest time, but just couldn't bring myself to buy one of those ugly iPod docking stations. This fit the bill perfectly -- I have it placed on the top of a set of drawers, and ran the iPod connector cord through to the top drawer, and now my iPod sits hidden in the drawer and all you see is this lovely radio instead! It's really attractive and I love looking at it and using it. The music sounds great to me for casual listening -- I'm not enough of an audiophile to be able to review the quality of the sound in any detail. Vintage Tub & Baths was fantastic to order from, including their shipping to Canada. I had some concerns originally about their use of UPS but they assured me that they took care of brokerage fees, etc, and true to their word I did not have any fees to pay when it arrived!"
Overall Rating:

Crosley Pay Phone
Product: Crosley 1950s Style Pay Phone – Item #: CR56-BC-S
Written By: NGFly (Georgia)
"We have used this product for right at a year. It works like a charm and I would highly recommend this phone."
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Crosley Turntable
Product: Crosley Turntable – Item #: CR6005A-MA
Written By: rfchavez (Virginia)
"I Love it! It’s easy to use and sounds great. It’s an all in one and just what I wanted, I've been looking for a product just like this that has all the features and looks like an actual turntable itself. Great pricing too."
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