Friday, August 12, 2011

Five Star Friday - Showerheads

Today’s product category: Showerheads

Product: Ceiling Mount Showerhead – Item #: P0649CSP

Written By: currylvr

"looks great--works great--great price! we did need to purchase a piece to extend the fixture lower as our shower ceiling is very high--but otherwise was very easy to install."

Overall Rating:

Product: Strom Plumbing Showerhead – Item #: P0874C

Written By: willlbe (Connecticut)

"Great product and fabulous customer service. The rainfall showerhead has a great drenching flow and we are very satisfied with it."

Overall Rating:

Product: Porcelain Sunflower Showerhead – Item #: ECSHSUNSN

Written By: Judy (Ohio)

"We ordered the Elizabethan showerhead to complete our bathroom redo which included your tub filler with hand shower and riser with enclosure--all in shiny brass. The gentle shower is just wonderful and lovely to stand beneath. We are very happy with everything we ordered from you, and it all looks delightfully Victorian in our 1865 home. I will send a photo when the window treatment is finished. We were lucky to find you on line."

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