Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Beginning of the End

Sweet summer, where have you gone? It seems like just yesterday that all of us here at VintageTub were anxiously awaiting summer time. We had cheerful visions of sun and fun dancing about in our heads. However, now much to our dismay we are coming to a heartbreaking realization - summer is almost over!! Yes, it appears as through time has become like sand and is quickly slipping through our fingertips.

trees outside VintageTub

As the last month of the summer season begins, embracing every ray of sunshine that Mother Nature has left is among the top on our priority list. And we think you should make it yours too. So go out there and take a hike, have a barbeque, go for a swim or just lay in a hammock. There are countless great activities you can do with your friends and family to enjoy the few hot days left. No matter how you decide to spend the rest of your summer, just make sure to live every August day to the fullest. All of us at VintageTub will be sure to do the same.