Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Set the Trend

At the start of each new season, the fashion and design industries name the must-have colors for that portion of the year. These unofficial top colors will be ‘it’ for that season and become the most popular shades in all things fashion and design.

Custom Painted Tub
Summer is the most recent season upon us. So, what are the top color trends for this sun-filled time of year? Among the top hues named is turquoise. This blue/green mineral is all the rage. Turquoise has long been popularly known for its incomparable natural beauty. Currently, the color is proving to have a continuing impact on numerous industry movements. Whether you put on your favorite piece of turquoise jewelry or wear the color in your clothing, you’re sure to be in style.

With custom clawfoot tub painting from Vintage Tub & Bath, your clawfoot tub can sport this season's trendiest hue!