Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It’s beginning to look a lot like...Summer!

blue sky and lush greens on the VintageTub grounds
Living in Pennsylvania defiantly has some pros and cons. One of the awesome advantages to living in the great north east is being able to experience the four lovely seasons. However, for some folks that’s also the down side to living in Pennsylvania. Yes, nothing compares to a snowy white winter. The sights of fresh snow falling down on the trees and mountains are absolutely breathtaking. There are many aspects of this classic winter scene that really help get people in the holiday spirit. But, some residents feel that the winter season is just too long and at times seems to loom over our area in a relentless fury.

As we enter the month of June, it seems as though summer is finally here to stay…for now. So, it may not appear as a surprise to say that many are rejoicing over the sight of the summer sun. Tons of hot and humid days are in the near future for us and many think that’s just fine. All of us at Vintage Tub & Bath are no exception to that thought either. Our office is defiantly buzzing with cheerful summer morale and freshly tanned faces. Bitter old man winter sure gave us a good fight this winter, but we were victorious. So, bring it on summer, we’ve been waiting for you.