Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bathtubs Making News

An alternative to filling a bathtub with water is filling a bathtub with fun. In White Pine County, Nevada, bathtubbers participate in Cave Lake’s “The Great Bathtub Race”. The bathtub boat race has several different categories for bathtub participants including winners, broken down by motors and also awards for the tub styles; such as The Mechanical Marvel, Best Interior Design, and Most Likely to Hit an Iceberg. Participants dressed to match the theme of their tubboats, enhancing the fun atmosphere.

Another newsworthy story (or should we say seaworthy) is the bathtub that belongs to sixty-five-year-old Mervyn Kinkead of Ireland. Mr. Kinkead intends to sail across the Irish Sea in a bathtub from Donaghadee, Ireland to Portpatrick, Scotland. His trip will raise money for charities, specifically the Marie Curie Cancer Care and the Water for Life Project helmed by Friends in Action. But no worries, Mr. Kinkead will be followed by a ship captained by his friend in case anything goes awry. With no previous experience of sailing, he will set out with a confidence found from years of taking baths.