Monday, October 12, 2009

Kitchen of the Future

At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) there is a group of researchers and developers who come up with new and advanced ideas for the kitchen. A BBC News Online article discusses three of these advances.
The first is a sensor that can be applied to a plastic food storage container. The sensor determines what kind of food is inside of the container, assesses the temperature, and counts down how much longer until the food spoils.

Another gadget being developed is a "chameleon mug" that tells you when the liquid inside is hot. The mug could also be equipped with sensors that could alert you when you've added too much sugar or rotten milk.

Of all the kitchen contraptions discussed in the article, the one I found the most interesting was the "dishmaker". The dishmaker begins as a plastic wafer and can inflate itself (using different amounts of air pressure) into the shape of a cup, bowl, or whatever dish you need. According to the article, the dishmaker "automatically recycles your dishes and stores them very compactly as thin disks."

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