Monday, August 10, 2009

Toilet Paper: Soft but Harmful

Toilet Paper AisleGiving up the comfort of ultra soft toilet paper is something Americans are not ready to do. According to research, sales of ultra soft toilet tissue rose 40% in 2008. Additionally, sales of the recycled kind only accounts for 2% here in America, compared to 20% in Europe and Latin America.

Recycled toilet paper is produced at a similar cost as non-recycled, however, without a certain fiber from standing trees, it can not achieve the same level as softness. As a result millions of trees are being used to make the softest toilet tissue.

Greenpeace, an environmental advocacy group, came up with a recycled tissue and toilet paper guide. Factors considered include post consumer product percentage, overall recycled percentage, and the bleaching process. To be recommended by Greenpeace, toilet paper must be 100% recycled content, with 50% of recycled content being post consumer, and bleached without the use of toxic chlorine compounds.

The top choice recommended is Green Forest toilet paper which is a Planet Inc. product. Other very good choices are 365, April Soft, Earth Friendly, Fiesta & Fiesta Green, Natural Value, Seventh Generation, Trader Joe's, CVS Earth Essentials, and Cascades. View the toilet paper guide in full for more information and recommendations.

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