Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Vintage Advertisements

Advertisements of the past tended to be full of words, instructions, and photos. Over the decades, marketers have performed many tests and much research to appeal to their targeted consumers. As a result, ads are less busy and more visually appealing.

Below are vintage advertisements for various bathroom products. The first ad was released in 1930 for the Si-Wel-Clo quiet toilet. Promoting an innovative, comfortable design, the Si-Wel-Clo was the most quiet toilet of the time.

The 1943 Scot Toilet Tissue advertisement below goes into great detail about an alternate use of the Scot toilet paper. The ad assures consumers that tests have proven Scot toilet tissue to effectively prevents the transference of disease when used as a disposable mask.

This vintage Jonny Mop advertisement from 1954 confidently promises to actually pay consumers to try their product. It also introduces a "modern" way to clean toilets.

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