Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Vintage Advertisements: American Standard

Currently, American Standard is a popular bathroom fixture manufacturer which is the result of American Standard Americas, Crane Plumbing, and Elijier merging together. Though this merge occurred as recently as last year, American Standard has roots dating back to 1875 when the Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company was founded. The company was so successful that in 1929, they were the largest producer of bathroom fixtures. The "American Standard" name was created when the Standard Sanitary Corporation merged with the American Radiator Company.

The following are vintage advertisements for American Standard products. The first was printed in 1959 and discussed the new American Standard bathtub with a contour shape that made bathing more relaxing.
Vintage Bathroom Advertisement
A close-up of a pink, 1959 American Standard vanity sink.

Vintage Vanity Sink
The Fiesta sink advertisement from 1968, tells consumers that the "sporty Fiesta makes other kitchen sinks look like they're standing still".

Vintage Sink Advertisement
From the same campaign, the 1968 advertisement features a self ventilating toilet that can be installed in one hour for $150.

Vintage Toilet Advertisement
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