Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Aga Saga

You may already know how an Aga appliance works, but what you may not know is the meaning of Aga Saga. The term is used to describe a certain type of novels about middle class families living in rural areas of the United Kingdom. These Aga Sagas are written about characters that are likely to own an Aga oven, a popular luxury appliance in Europe.

The name was introduced by Terrence Blacker in an article in Publishing News specifically targeting author, Joanna Trollope. Though only two of her twelve books could be described by this term, she is still the main Aga Saga target. She has been quoted saying "I am fairly tired of such an inaccurate and patronising tag" and "I will be queen of the Aga Saga to my dying day. Its jolly annoying".