Friday, April 17, 2009

Customized Showering

If you've never seen it before, this is the Kohler WaterHaven custom shower. Equipped with seven different sprayers, you can customize your showering experience by adjusting the various knobs and ports. This shower is not only a great way to get clean, but you can adjust the direction and intensity of the sprayers for a massaging effect, or keep your hair dry while cleaning only the rest of your body. Additionally, the WaterHaven includes a handshower.

Kohler WaterHaven Shower
Another great thing about this deluxe shower is that it only requires one single connection. The WaterHaven can be hooked up through the wall or floor. For this reason, the shower can be flexibly located to your location of choice.Customizable Shower by KohlerEverything about this shower is customizable. You can even manipulate the water flow, using as much or as little water as you choose.WaterHaven ShowerLearn more about the WaterHaven custom shower or view more photos and and instructional video by Kohler.