Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Bertazzoni and Lamborghini

Bertazzoni is a family company based in Emilia- Tomagna Italy. This part of Italy is known for its expertise in fine Italian cooking and is home to many of the best chefs in the world. Not only can you get a world-class meal, but it is here that you will find the some of the best farming machinery, motorcycles, and cars.

LamborghiniThe Bertazzoni company shares more than manufacturing methods and procedures with the automotive industry. Ranges from the Bertazzoni Heritage Series and the Professional Series are painted in the same factory as Lamborghini automobiles! According to Bertazzoni Company literature, the ranges are "realized in a fully durable, double layer coating on stainless steel using the latest processes developed by the automobile industry". It only makes sense that these heavy-duty appliances would have such superior paint jobs; since it is clear that they focus strictly on high quality for the modern cook.