Monday, March 30, 2009

Toilet Shaped House

This is Haewoojae, a toilet shaped building commissioned by the World Toilet Association. Haewoojae, in Korean, means "a place of sanctuary where one can solve one's worries". By creating this toilet building, the World Toilet Association aims to solve the worries of the two billion people who live without the luxury of a toilet and sanitary living conditions. You can help the WTA in its efforts by donating $1 to visit or by dropping $50,000 to spend the night in this 24 foot tall toilet.
Toilet Shaped Building Aerial ViewThe two-story toilet shaped house was built by Sim Jae-duck and is located near Seoul, Korea. It features four bathrooms, each equipped with a toilet, urinal, whirlpool bathtub, and glass shower. At the center of the house is a bathroom showcase, surrounded by glass windows which turn opaque on command; as well as a motion sensor that cues classical music when a bathroom user is detected. Additionally, the toilet house features water saving fixtures and technology, turning rain water into drinking water.

Toilet Shaped Building Side View

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