Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Toilet Restaurant

A successful Taiwanese banker gave up his professional job to sell ice cream on the streets in toilet-shaped, disposable containers. It did so well that he decided to open a restaurant in Taichung, Taiwan. Named Marton, after the Chinese word Matong meaning toilet, this toilet themed restaurant offers a different dining experience for its visitors. Diners sit upon glitzy, sparkling toilets while enjoying their meals atop giant utility sinks and bathtubs converted into tables. Additionally, the walls are decked with urinals, similar in shape to the souvenir containers customers sip their beverages from.

Toilet Themed Restaurant in Taiwan
Outside the Marton, there is always a line and other eager diners must book three weeks in advance to guarantee a chance to dine at the toilet restaurant. This success has driven the owner to open another location.

Popular Toilet Themed Retaurant in Taiwan
As you may have guessed, a meal at the Marton is unlike any other restuarant. Meals are served in different sized ceramic toilet bowls, manufactured specifically for this toilet-themed restaurant. Make sure you save room for dessert - a swirl of chocolate ice cream served, of course, in a miniature toilet. For frequent diners, a customer loyalty program is in order. Once you have earned enough points or credit, you receive your own toilet-shaped bowl to enjoy meals at home!

Meal Served in Miniature Toilet Bowl

Dessert Served in Miniature Toilet Bowl
To learn more about the Marton toilet themed restaurant, check out this video.