Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Small Bathroom Storage

When remodeling a small bathroom you may be concerned about having enough storage space to accommodate all of your towels and other bathroom supplies. Here are a few bathroom accessories that will help to maximize a limited amount of space.

A simple towel rod attaches to the wall and takes up very little space. For added space, a towel bar with a shelf can be very useful.

Bathroom Shelf and Towel Rod
If your bathroom is used by several people, a towel rack is an excellent alternative. Towel racks offer space to hang towels as well as an area for folded towels above; allowing access to the whole family.

Towel Rack
An inexpensive substitute to a towel rack is a towel ring. Towel rings are small and can be conveniently placed almost anywhere in the bathroom.

Towel RingCheck back soon for another post on bathroom storage!