Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Other Uses for your Aga Oven

Aga Legacy Range
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Warm Plates
Keep your plates warm before dinner by sticking them in the plate warming rack in the Vertical Convection Oven. Or warm up your mug in the morning while waiting for coffee to brew.

Dry Linens
Hang dinner napkins or tablecloths over the hang rail to dry or smooth out wrinkles before use.

Making Jam
Use up over-ripe fruit before it goes bad by turning it into jam with your Aga simmering plate and simmering oven. Don’t forget you can also use your Aga to sterilize the jars you will be putting the jam into.

Keep Wooden Utensils Clean
Store wooden or bamboo kitchen utensils and cutting boards above your Aga range to keep them dry. Since they are so porous, bacteria can easily grow if they aren’t properly dried. You could also put cutting boards in the plate warming rack of your Aga Legacy after washing.

Food Prep
Try defrosting or thawing out meat or seafood in your Aga oven instead of the microwave.

If you really want to get the most of your oven, try incubating chick or goose eggs. I found these articles discussing how chicks were nursed to life by the heat of an Aga oven range. You may want to do more research before attempting this, however.