Friday, March 06, 2009

Cooking with an Aga Oven

Most of us own conventional ovens that cook our food through convection- a cycle of the heating followed by the cooling of air within the oven. The hot air is what actually cooks the food at the temperature you specify. As a result of alternating temperatures, your food could become over-cooked from a blast of heat at the end of the cooking cycle, attempting to quickly heat the entire oven. Traditional ovens are generally electric or gas. An electric oven constantly re-circulates air which leads to warm and cool spots inside of the oven which may cause food to overcook or dry out.

Aga, a company rooted in Great Britain since 1922, manufactures appliances featuring two, three or four individual compartments. The Aga ovens still run on either electricity or gas and have burners like a conventional oven. However, the heat is better circulated through the smaller compartments. The Aga Six Four series offers one section in particular that cooks food slower than the others. The heat stored within the walls radiates, cooking food evenly from all directions. This process not only makes it less difficult to burn or dry out your food, but retains flavor and nutrients.

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