Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Choosing the Perfect Faucet

There are so many options when it comes to faucets. Hopefully, after reading this blog post you will have a better understanding of the differences between the various types of bathroom faucets.


A widespread faucet has two separate handles or knobs; one on the left for hot water and the other on the right for cold. Positioned between the the two controls is the spout. The amount of room between the handles varies from around four to twenty inches apart. Widespread faucets require 3 separate holes in your sink or counter top.

Widespread Faucet
Minispread faucets are very similar to widespread faucets, except the controls and spout are positioned much closer together. This type of faucet is a good choice for a small sink because the knobs are set less that four inches apart from the middle spout.

Minispread FaucetCenterset
A centerset faucet has two levers and a spout in the center which are all positioned on a base. Some centerset faucets have a single lever which contain both hot and cold features.

Centerset FaucetSingle Post
Single Post faucets are probably the least space consuming and the easiest to clean. These faucets only require one hole. These faucets can have one lever or two controlling water temperature, but are always contained on one unit.

Single Post Faucet
Wall Mounted
A wall mounted faucet can be widespread or centerset, and can have one or two handles. These differ from all the aforementioned types of faucets because they are attached to the wall instead of sink or counter top. When purchasing a wall mounted faucet, be sure to pair it with a deep or large sized sink so water doesn't splash out.

Wall Mounted Faucet

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