Friday, July 24, 2009

Corner Sinks for Small Bathrooms

There are a variety of sink choices for a small bathroom. One particularly good option is a corner sink. Corner sinks are perfect for small or unusually shaped bathrooms because they require very little space. Here are several that our customers recommended.

This Elizabethan’s Classics Corner Sink with a chrome Kohler Faucet, for example, is very small and discreet, yet highly recommended by our customers. "Andrew1000" from Boston, MA describes it as “a perfect size and completely out of the way”. Take a look at the photo he submitted below.
Elizabethan Classics Corner Sink

If you're looking for a sink with a more interesting shape, this corner basin sink may be a good choice.  Due to the size and shape, it can be installed “in tight [spaces and allows] doors to open without hitting the sink”, says "DLB1" from Washington, DC.
American Standard Corner Sink

A good example of a large corner sink is this wall mounted Cheviot. This larger alternative offers more space for hand washing but can still be installed in small spaces. "Czyzyk", a customer from Medford, New Jersey found this corner sink to be “perfect for small spaces and handicapped accessible”
Cheviot Corner Sink

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