Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ther perfect family toilet seat

This is just too fun not to share. Our favorite toilet seat manufacturer, Beneke (who happens to be the official toilet seat manufacturer for the NASA space shuttle - no kidding), just introduced what very well may be the perfect family toilet seat. Their new adult/juvenile combination seat makes your standard toilet child friendly without any special adapters that need to be fastened and unfastened before and after each use. For those of you with young children, need we say more? Didn't think so, we can hear the cheers from here. They are available in both standard and elongated sizes.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Stolen Ancient Roman Bathtub Recovered

According to, the bathtub was stolen in 2005 and just recently found in Spain by the Italian police by coincidence.

Not only were they the Italian police, but specialists in stolen artwork, who randomly came across this tub in a Spanish Mediterranean port city while on other business . The officers were browsing in an antique shop, where the owner said he bought the tub for €3000 (4,621.31 USD) at the end of 2005, thinking it was a good deal for the oval-shaped reproduction. Little did he know he got 99% off valued price. That's a bargain!

Today, the tub is worth at a mere €300,000 (462,031.00 USD). Don’t too bad considering it dates back to the era of the Roman emperor Hadrian, in the second century A.D.

Maybe the next owner won’t keep it in a garden of a villa, which is where it was originally stolen.

This tub clearly used it's Roman decent as an advantage on St. Anthony's list.