Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Allan's "Escalator Pitch" at NY SES Conference

Did you use the bathroom today?

A man of many words shortens them into 25 seconds. Last month, Vintage Tub & Bath's General Manager, Allan Dick, climbed his way to the with an "escalator pitch" at the New York 2008 SES Conference and Expo. This spin-off of an elevator pitch, hosted by Greg Jarboe, SEO-PR co-founder, forces people to simplify their business and products even further due to the speed of Hilton's escalators. 

Allan knows the industry well, as do many others because, throughout a life time, people spend over a year and a half in it; the bathroom. Why not enjoy it? Which is the exact reason to buy from Vintage Tub & Bath.

If you have not used the bathroom today, please, take this time and go now!

You can check out other Escalator Pitches on the SES Conference YouTube Channel.