Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Choosing the Right Faucet

Trying to give your bathroom a quick facelift or a complete remodel? Choosing the right bathroom faucet can make or break the look. New accessories, floor mats and a fresh coat of paint will go unseen if the faucet is old and tarnished.

There are a few important style and finish factors to take into consideration before purchasing a faucet. Coordinate - Bathtub and sink faucets are often available in sets. Matching faucets pull the bathroom together, giving it a seamless look.

Here's a helpful guide to help you find the perfect faucet for your bathroom sink. 
Basin Taps
From an antique rustic pewter to a contemporary brushed-chrome, the finish options for faucets are endless. Here are some tips to help you choose the best finish for your faucet.
  • White faucets are popular in the kitchen and a children's bathroom, as they hide water spots and fingerprints better than chrome and brass. 
  • Any bronze (oil rubbed, brushed, rustic, etc.) and polished brass finish will bring a warm, vintage feel to the bathroom.
  • Looking for a touch of class without the clash? A combination chrome-and-brass finish on a lever-handle gooseneck faucet gives a chic look while adding the flexibility for accessories in either finish. 
  • Bridge faucets in a satin-nickel finish make the most elegant statement, but be sure this compliments the remainder bathroom.
Choosing the right style and finish for your faucet never looked so good!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Whatever Floats Your Love Boat

The beauty of a bathtub is that it can be enjoyed both sensually and visually.

Fill the bathtub with unexpected surprises for splash of romance this Valentine’s Day. It’s a perfect last minute idea that looks like it took days of dedication.

Let rose petals lead the path of love from land to sea. Sprinkle petals across the bathroom floor and gently float them in the water. Roses should be incorporated in Valentine’s Day some way, but don't always have to be given the same way. The petals will add vibrant color and texture to the bathroom while completing the picture perfect romance scene.

Feel guilty for destroying beautiful roses? This will be remembered much longer than the average bouquet of flowers.

Rose petals too expensive? Try...

  • Fewer petals. The amount is your discretion
  • A less expensive flower with large, colorful petals. Florists will advise you with the best option.
  • Fake rose petals. This allows you to reuse and recreate at a later date.

Melt your honey’s heart with floating candles.

Floating candles give the bathroom warmth and romantic lighting. Floating heart candles, either plain or available with sayings on them add an extra touch to the theme of love.

Saving the best “floater” for last is a message in a bottle. Make the bathtub personal and express your feelings through writing. When the candles burn out and the water is drained, a letter in a bottle can be saved forever. Little bottles are found at any craft store. Not enough time to make it to the craft store? Just use an empty wine or champagne bottle and make sure the cork is back in tight.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Save Water; Take a Bath with Someone You Love

Encourage your partner to change their lifestyle to globally friendly. The first step to “going green” is water reservation through taking a bath with one another. Announcing this on February 14th will just be a coincidence, but who is going to say “No” on Valentine’s Day? Make it more romantic by lighting candles

This is an inexpensive and easy Valentine's Day gift that will not disappoint. Best of all, it's appropriate to give to both him or her. Give back to the environment as well as your loved one all at once.

Remind your partner that you want to save water everyday, not just on Valentine’s Day. After all, taking a bath alone gets boring, but taking one with who you love never gets old.

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