Friday, December 26, 2008

New Affordable Luxury Shower from American Bath Factory

For decades, travertine stone has been used to create some of the most luxurious bathrooms. Many have adorned showers, floors, and counter tops with travertine for its warm, lavish appeal. Chances are many would have done the same had not cost or labor been prohibitive.

Enter American Bath Factory's Sistine Stone Shower System™.

For years, American Bath Factory has provided a line of products known as Sistine Stone™ - a resin-based stone that offers the look and feel of travertine for counter tops, vanities, and back splashes without the lofty price. And now, they've extended this line to include their latest innovation - the Sistine Stone Shower System. Never before has it been possible to enjoy the luxurious look and feel of a travertine shower at such an affordable price.

The Sistine Stone Shower Systems, in essence, is a manufactured shower kit that can be easily adapted to virtually any bathroom. It's available in a variety of sizes and formats such as left or right threshold, single threshold, or neo-angle threshold. It includes prefabricated shower walls, 3/8" glass door, 1-piece shower pan, and designer faucet with a hand shower. Optional accessories include a bench, recessed shampoo shelf, and body sprays.

Even better, its intelligent design makes it possible for the average DIY'er to install it in a comparatively short amount of time. Moderately experienced renovators can install it in less than one day. Try doing that with real travertine stone tiles.

Attractive as their look is their cost. With prices starting below $2000, you will find these showers to be a fraction of the price of traditional travertine showers and equally enjoyable.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Can I add a garbage disposal to my farmhouse sink?

Farmhouse sinks are a popular fixture for those looking to give their kitchen that vintage appeal. But one problem many homeowners face is whether or not to risk the safety of their sink by adding a garbage disposal to it. Farmhouse sinks are made of a material called fireclay, which is much more durable than traditional porcelain used for bathroom sinks and toilets. Fireclay is designed to resist cracks and scratches caused by dishes bumping and sliding across its surface on a daily basis.

While fireclay sinks are likely to withstand the stress of most garbage disposals, you can run the risk of damaging your sink if your garbage disposal vibrates too violently. When shopping for a compatible garbage disposal, be sure to find one specifically safe for fireclay sinks.

InSinkErator offers an outstanding line of garbage disposals that are safe to use on fireclay sinks. Their fittings safely attach to the sink’s drain and offer minimum vibration.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

26 Weeks of Cash Product Review Sweepstakes

We are excited to announce our new product review sweepstakes, "26 Weeks of Cash." For the next 26 weeks (June 16 - December 16), we will draw one lucky product reviewer from the pool of reviews that come in the previous week to win $100 cash.

Entering is simple. Navigate to a product that you are familiar with and click the "Write a Review" link, create an account (if you don't already have one), and give us your honest feedback about that product. You will be automatically entered to win for the week you reviewed your product. One entry per product reviewed. That's it.

For a full list of dates and contest rules, see our 26 Weeks of Cash Rules & Regulations. Happy reviewing and good luck!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ther perfect family toilet seat

This is just too fun not to share. Our favorite toilet seat manufacturer, Beneke (who happens to be the official toilet seat manufacturer for the NASA space shuttle - no kidding), just introduced what very well may be the perfect family toilet seat. Their new adult/juvenile combination seat makes your standard toilet child friendly without any special adapters that need to be fastened and unfastened before and after each use. For those of you with young children, need we say more? Didn't think so, we can hear the cheers from here. They are available in both standard and elongated sizes.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Stolen Ancient Roman Bathtub Recovered

According to, the bathtub was stolen in 2005 and just recently found in Spain by the Italian police by coincidence.

Not only were they the Italian police, but specialists in stolen artwork, who randomly came across this tub in a Spanish Mediterranean port city while on other business . The officers were browsing in an antique shop, where the owner said he bought the tub for €3000 (4,621.31 USD) at the end of 2005, thinking it was a good deal for the oval-shaped reproduction. Little did he know he got 99% off valued price. That's a bargain!

Today, the tub is worth at a mere €300,000 (462,031.00 USD). Don’t too bad considering it dates back to the era of the Roman emperor Hadrian, in the second century A.D.

Maybe the next owner won’t keep it in a garden of a villa, which is where it was originally stolen.

This tub clearly used it's Roman decent as an advantage on St. Anthony's list.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Allan's "Escalator Pitch" at NY SES Conference

Did you use the bathroom today?

A man of many words shortens them into 25 seconds. Last month, Vintage Tub & Bath's General Manager, Allan Dick, climbed his way to the with an "escalator pitch" at the New York 2008 SES Conference and Expo. This spin-off of an elevator pitch, hosted by Greg Jarboe, SEO-PR co-founder, forces people to simplify their business and products even further due to the speed of Hilton's escalators. 

Allan knows the industry well, as do many others because, throughout a life time, people spend over a year and a half in it; the bathroom. Why not enjoy it? Which is the exact reason to buy from Vintage Tub & Bath.

If you have not used the bathroom today, please, take this time and go now!

You can check out other Escalator Pitches on the SES Conference YouTube Channel.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Get "Greener" with Paint, Not Color

Looking to make your house greener without painting it green? Our customers are asking for ways to “Go Green” in the bathroom and kitchen without looking too modern. I've found a variety of tips to benefit the serious renovators as well as the quick-fixers, from easily implemented and inexpensive energy savers to kitchen altering renovations. Best part, saving energy saves money too. Go green to save green.

The first of my many tips found deals with paint, because, no matter what kind of remodel, renovation or simple update you're doing, it’s inevitable you'll be repainting and resealing walls and floors.

How can adding more chemicals to your walls improve the environment? Even after regular paint is dry, it can off-gas for up to 3.5 years. The volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in most paints are a major source of indoor air pollution. Look for the Green Seal on paint products to ensure only the lowest VOC paints are used in your home. Low VOC paint uses a water base instead of petroleum-based oil solvents.

AFM Safecoat's is a leader in the green-building industry. They offer a full line of paints in every finish; Matte, Eggshell, All Purpose Exterior Satin, Cabinet & Trim Enamel, and Semi-gloss. Just like regular paint, these are all tintable to virtually any color.

Stains and Seals- OSMO and Velvit Oil stains are good for both wood and concrete, starting as low as $25 a gallon

Not planning on repainting? Stop the off-gas from the current paint with Finishes & Off-Gas Stoppers.

Going "Green" looks better than you think. You'll be surprised of the many other ways to be eco-friendly during your upcoming and even already started projects.Eco-Friendly Paint

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

10 Quick Fix Ideas for Small Bathrooms

After dying my roommate’s hair the other night, I managed to get dye everywhere but her scalp. Blame it on my inexperience or our small, cramped bathroom. I chose the bathroom size. If only we could ditch the toilet, tub, or sink, our bathroom would be more spacious. For obvious reasons, we decided to leave them, but plan to make other adjustments. My mission was to find the best way to make our bathroom look bigger with some quick fixes. I hope these inexpensive, easy improvements inspire you to do the same to your tiny bathroom.

Top 10 Small Bathroom Visual Enlargements
  1. Color Conscious - Brighten and cool the room in both paint and fabric. Keep the feel light and airy; use the 60-30-10 Rule. 60% Dominant Color, 30% Secondary Color, 10% Accent Color
  2. Wallpaper - Stick with textured paper. Choose one that uses vertical lines to add the height illusion; nothing busy.
  3. See Clearly - Substitute the opaque glass shower enclosure for a clear, frameless one. Don't hide the little room you have. Use sheer or delicate fabrics.
  4. Merge - If you have both a shower stall and bathtub, eliminate the shower by adding a shower head to the bathtub. 
  5. Get in Sink - Use a pedestal sink to add more floor space. Mount it to the wall it to clear the floor, or add a vessel sink to provide more counter space.
  6. Don't Cut Corners - Replace your large out-dated toilet with a small modern corner toilet to avoid wasted space. Corner sinks are also available as a wall mount and pedestal.
  7. Mirrors- Reflect the space with multiple mirrors. Mirrors make any room look bigger. Use at least one with a built-in medicine cabinet to help with storage.
  8. Clear the Way - Only leave out what is absolutely necessary. Remove small accessories and organize to give everything a home.
  9. Board the Floors - Light colored flooring, such as birch wood, will match the cool colors and aid in the eye trick of appearing larger. Ask a professional about the best wood and sealant to use in bathrooms. Tile is a safe alternative, working well on counter tops, walls and floors.
  10. Cut the Carpet - No wall to wall carpeting. Use runner carpets to give length to the floor rather than those stumpy, rectangular bathroom carpets.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Rapping up VTB's Dinner in NYC

Here's the wrap up from this year's Vintage Tub’s Networking Dinner at the Manhattan Penthouse in New York City after the SES Conference. From wrapping sushi to an actual rapper,Allan Dick spoiled his guests with:
  • 2 hours of hors d'oeuvres including mini crab cakes, variety of sushi, fried lamb raviolis, homemade guacamole and mini sandwiches
  • an open bar; greases the jaw for networking.
    • We don't encourage drinking here at VTB, but the first time meeting Allan, he informed me that those who drink make a larger income than those who don't due to the networking done. A fact I'll never forget.

  • Delicious dinner choices from Filet Mignon, Salmon and Pasta with volcano cake for dessert.
  • A rap performance from Chuck Lewis, aka MoSerious on search engine strategies

Sponsors of the event presented gifts and give aways to the guests including;
So who were some of the lucky guests?

Dana Todd, CMO of Newsforce, Founder of SEMPO and Jeffrey Pruitt, President of SEMPO (I even had the privilege by them at dinner).
Kristopher Jones, President & CEO of pepperjam
Mike Grehan,
Global KMD Officer of Acronym Media
..and over a hundred others including our sponsors and corporations including Google,Yahoo, Microsoft, Victoria’s Secret,, Search Engine Journal.

Friday, March 21, 2008

VTB goes to NYC for SES Conference

An opportunity of a lifetime struck Vintage Tub interns this week when the General Manager, Allan Dick, Jr., invited us to attend the Search Engine Strategies 2008 Conference and Expo at the Hilton in New York City. We woke up at 5 am on March 18th like little kids on Christmas morning to start our travel into the city for a full day of fun.

Defining Fun:
  • Listening to presentations and panel discussions that cover literally all aspects of search engine-related promotion.
  • Choosing between 16 different sessions all in one day, ranging from Introduction to Search Engine Marketing, Universal Search to Optimization, Analytics and Paid Search.
  • Having the sessions presented by the industry's top Search experts and representatives of the Search Engines themselves, just to name a few:
  • Learning the most innovative and current technology that even advanced search marketers were not unaware of until this week.
  • Meeting and networking with people of similar interests in e-commerce.
  • Visiting the 100’s of expo booths to stock up on pens and sticky notes.
  • Searching booths for better gifts like Steak Media's purple cow, Acronym Media's hand sanitizer for “hands-on search” and delicious baked cookies from Omniture.
Although the 7 of us are all SEMPO Certified, we were still impressed by the amount of new info we learned in just one day and can only imagine being there for 4 days. I also noticed something about the environment we were in; we were the youngest people there. There were plenty of young business men and women, but they were clearly employees of their business, not college students. There were very few interns here because employers would rather invest their money for a "platinum pass" in their employees before interns (let alone seven!). I’m sure I can speak for the rest of the interns when I say that it made us all appreciate the trip that much more.
At 6 pm, when the conference sessions were complete, our day was far from finished. Leaving the Hilton, we relocated to the Manhattan Penthouse where our manager threw a networking dinner party with over 120 guests from the conference a
nd industry. As if the day couldn’t get better, I was able to speak one on one with reps from SEMPO, 360i, ESPN, Microsoft, Google and many more, which deserves greater depth in a later post. With all this, a career experience of a life time was created.

Thank you to everyone (especially Allan, Mike, and Regina) who made this day possible for us. One for the books.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Suggestions for Clinton’s “Kitchen Sink” Campaign

Intrigued by Hillary Clinton’s “Kitchen Sink” Campaign, we suggest the entire Presidential race be won through the battle of various household items. Although the saying may be "everything but the kitchen sink", Barak Obama's 11 straight primary victories forced Clinton to use the last resort; the kitchen sink. It turns out to be her weapon of choice after winning the March 3rd primaries in Ohio and Texas. 
pedestal tub

Clinton’s Ohio and Texas primary victories are going to require Obama to come back with something bigger than the kitchen sink. An appreciate rebuttal for Obama in theme with appliances, yet adding a twist, would be to forget the kitchen and move to the bathroom. Being a specialist in both the kitchen and bathroom industry, we suggest the bathtub. Obama can show his chrome claws with a classic acrylic clawfoot tub, which is light weight making it easy to transport, unlike the traditional cast iron. With extra hands from his supporters, he can use the pedestal tub to guarantee a win.

As for Clinton, if she is thinking about using her victory weapon for the remainder of the race, she should change things up for each debate. Although she has been training for this race for years, her arm is going to be tired and sore when November finally rolls around. She should consider using a lighter sink, such as a stainless steel sink but using a gooseneck faucet to hook Obama closer so she won’t have to worry about the distance. Or she can opt to end the race early by taking Obama out with a fireclay kitchen sink. This adds a classy touch (as if throwing kitchen sinks isn't classy enough) and will be a one-punch knockout.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Choosing the Right Faucet

Trying to give your bathroom a quick facelift or a complete remodel? Choosing the right bathroom faucet can make or break the look. New accessories, floor mats and a fresh coat of paint will go unseen if the faucet is old and tarnished.

There are a few important style and finish factors to take into consideration before purchasing a faucet. Coordinate - Bathtub and sink faucets are often available in sets. Matching faucets pull the bathroom together, giving it a seamless look.

Here's a helpful guide to help you find the perfect faucet for your bathroom sink. 
Basin Taps
From an antique rustic pewter to a contemporary brushed-chrome, the finish options for faucets are endless. Here are some tips to help you choose the best finish for your faucet.
  • White faucets are popular in the kitchen and a children's bathroom, as they hide water spots and fingerprints better than chrome and brass. 
  • Any bronze (oil rubbed, brushed, rustic, etc.) and polished brass finish will bring a warm, vintage feel to the bathroom.
  • Looking for a touch of class without the clash? A combination chrome-and-brass finish on a lever-handle gooseneck faucet gives a chic look while adding the flexibility for accessories in either finish. 
  • Bridge faucets in a satin-nickel finish make the most elegant statement, but be sure this compliments the remainder bathroom.
Choosing the right style and finish for your faucet never looked so good!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Whatever Floats Your Love Boat

The beauty of a bathtub is that it can be enjoyed both sensually and visually.

Fill the bathtub with unexpected surprises for splash of romance this Valentine’s Day. It’s a perfect last minute idea that looks like it took days of dedication.

Let rose petals lead the path of love from land to sea. Sprinkle petals across the bathroom floor and gently float them in the water. Roses should be incorporated in Valentine’s Day some way, but don't always have to be given the same way. The petals will add vibrant color and texture to the bathroom while completing the picture perfect romance scene.

Feel guilty for destroying beautiful roses? This will be remembered much longer than the average bouquet of flowers.

Rose petals too expensive? Try...

  • Fewer petals. The amount is your discretion
  • A less expensive flower with large, colorful petals. Florists will advise you with the best option.
  • Fake rose petals. This allows you to reuse and recreate at a later date.

Melt your honey’s heart with floating candles.

Floating candles give the bathroom warmth and romantic lighting. Floating heart candles, either plain or available with sayings on them add an extra touch to the theme of love.

Saving the best “floater” for last is a message in a bottle. Make the bathtub personal and express your feelings through writing. When the candles burn out and the water is drained, a letter in a bottle can be saved forever. Little bottles are found at any craft store. Not enough time to make it to the craft store? Just use an empty wine or champagne bottle and make sure the cork is back in tight.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Save Water; Take a Bath with Someone You Love

Encourage your partner to change their lifestyle to globally friendly. The first step to “going green” is water reservation through taking a bath with one another. Announcing this on February 14th will just be a coincidence, but who is going to say “No” on Valentine’s Day? Make it more romantic by lighting candles

This is an inexpensive and easy Valentine's Day gift that will not disappoint. Best of all, it's appropriate to give to both him or her. Give back to the environment as well as your loved one all at once.

Remind your partner that you want to save water everyday, not just on Valentine’s Day. After all, taking a bath alone gets boring, but taking one with who you love never gets old.

If nothing else works, read off this Top 10 list

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Find the Perfect Tub to make the Perfect Date.

Nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day like a heart shaped bathtub. This adds more than a touch of romance. Doesn’t look comfortable? There are six hydrotherapy jets that disagree. Each jet is strategically placed to target the shoulders, back, legs, knees and feet; providing relief to sore, aching muscles that collect the tensions of the day or year’s relationship.

Don’t want to go that extreme?

Vintage Tub & Bath’s champagne clawfoot bathtub creates an idle bubble bath while still having a shower head for everyday use. A clawfoot tub completes any bathroom, but a champagne clawfoot tub adds a bit of innovation, relaxation and romance. Turn a remodeling idea into a Valentine's Day surprise this year.

If you were not planning on remodeling your bathroom anytime soon, consider just getting away for the night to a place that already has the perfect tub. For those who live in the Northeast or others willing to make a road trip for romance, a fool-proof plan is the Caesars Pocono Resorts, home of the world’s only 7 foot tall Champagne Glass Whirlpool bath. This is the ultimate Valentine’s Day get-away. Caesars offers the Champagne Glass Whirlpool in the suites at four different Pocono Resorts. Each suite is accented with elegant, imported tile, stunning Egyptian murals and d├ęcor, a tantalizing heart-shaped pool, a dry sauna and massage table, along with a cozy log-burning fireplace. Caesars suites guarantees love is in the air and the water.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Valentine’s Day Recipe Served in the Bathtub

Most cook a romantic dinner for their loved one on Valentine's Day. Here is a recipe to enjoy after that special meal and doesn’t break any New Year’s resolution diets. Use a pinch of this to transform an ordinary night into a serving size for two of romance.

Need some alone time to yourself? There's no need to look for an excuse for a quiet, relaxing bath. This quick fix recipe can be stirred up for one at anytime.

Romantic Bathtub Potion Recipe
3 cups

5 min prep


Cup Baking Soda


Cup Epsom Salts


Cup Citric Acid (available at drug stores)


drops essential oils (Lavender, Rosemary, Thyme, or Rose, Patchouli for example)

  1. Mix first three ingredients in a large bowl.
  2. Gradually add a drop of various essential oils to the mixture.
  3. Lavender relieves anxiety.
  4. Rosemary and thyme revitalize.
  5. Rose soothes and patchouli is very sensual.
  6. Stir ingredients thoroughly.
  7. Transfer ingredients from a bowl into a glass container, such as a jam jar.
  8. Seal tightly and shake well.
  9. Draw a warm bath
  10. Adding 1 to 2 tbs, of mixture.
  11. Sink in and soak for at least 20 minutes with someone special

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Spend Valentine’s Day in the Bathroom...

...and we don’t mean on the toilet.

With Valentine’s Day less than a month away, Vintage Tub & Bath is finding uses for bathtubs other than strictly bathing. Every year people search for new romantic ideas to do for their significant other that isn’t just a box of chocolate or jewelry. This is the “holiday” that the phrase, “it’s the thought that counts” is actually true. Between now and February 14th, we’ll be offering unique, romantic ideas that will score you major brownie points with that special someone.

Single? Do something special for yourself. You'll fall in love with your creative side.