Tuesday, June 26, 2007

How much is too much for a refurbished claw foot tub?

Sharon from Cleveland Ohio is refurbishing an original claw foot tub. She is having the whole tub resurfaced (the inside, outside, and the feet of the tub) and also painted aqua. She is being charged $575 for the refurbishing.

Here are a few questions she has:

1. Are not all colors equal aside from the standard white? He told me that any color in the green range is more expensive/difficult to deal with. Is that right?
2. I read on another site that you should wax your tub with car wax to seal the surface. Is that right?
3. I'm not sure if I should be concerned about the tile under the tub.Will tile crack at the points the feet contact with? It has yet to be purchased and installed- is there anything special we need to do?

Allan, our CMO and Senior Plumbing Evangelist has this to say in response to Sharon's questions:

1. I am uncertain if green colors are more expensive than ordinary colors.I just don't know. I have never heard of that before but I am not a paint expert. $575 seems to be a fair charge for the job if it is done right and comes with a warranty. We used to give 5 year warranties with our refinished tubs.

2. As for waxing, I would caution against waxing the inside of your tub for obvious safety reasons. The outside can be waxed if you want a deep exterior shine. You want to be very careful with taking care of the interior of your refinished tub. Even using a floor mat with suction cups can pull the refinished paint from the primer when you lift it from the floor of the tub.

3. Tile cracking is a concern and I would recommend our tub coasters to even out the weight distribution of the tub against your floor. The coasters will not guarantee that the tile will not crack but it will sure reduce the odds of it happening.

tub coaster

Good luck with your tub refinishing and feel free to send us a picture of the tub when it is all done and installed!

Monday, June 25, 2007

The Brady Bunch "The Series without a Toilet"

very brady
"Here's the story of a lovely lady...who was bringing up three very lovely girls...."

Almost everyone knows the lyrics to this classical family sitcom. I could sing them to you word for word; and the first episode aired sixteen years before I was even born! ( and yes I have even seen the Brady movies)
I have two very clear Brady episode memories
1. "Ooh! My Nose! (when Marsha's face makes contact with a football, days before the big dance)
2."Well, all day long at school I hear how great Marsha is at this or how wonderful Marsha did that; Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!" ( I know where your coming from Jan..I have an older semi-perfect sister myself..hahaha)

However, I bet you didnt know that it was also known for "The Series Without a Toilet"

That's right. You may have seen the Brady's bathroom many times, but you have never seen their toilet.
Hypothetical Explanation: The Brady's are so wholesome, good, and clean that they didn't use the bathroom.
Truth: They wanted to put a toilet in but the network censors said no.

Although there was no toilet we do hear a toilet flushing. This happens only once during all of the Brady episodes ever aired. ( The 1st flush on TV was Archie Bunkers flush on All in the Family.)

Here are five more things I bet you didnt know about the Brady's:

1.The character 'Mike Brady' was ranked #14 in TV Guide's list of the "50 Greatest TV Dads of All Time"
2. Barry Williams (Greg Brady) is the only Brady kid to appear in every episode.
3. Originally, both Mike and Carol were going to be divorcees. But A.B.C. didnt like it so they then decided to make Mike a widower and leave Carol the divorcee.
4. During the 1st season the theme song wasnt sung by the Brady clan but a group called the Peppermint Trolley Company.
5. The screen door in the Brady's house was neither glass or screen.

Want to test your Brady Knowledge?
Take the Quiz

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Top 10 Weirdest Toilets

I was amazed as I traveled through internet links; that I could stumble upon a website that offered the Top 10 Weirdest Toilets (as you can see I'm a fan of the Top 10) However, Oddee Quality Entertainment has made a list of the top ten wierdest toilets. And let me tell you these toilets are certainly entertaining.

I first have to give a shoutout to my employer Vintage Tub & Bath because we actually sell one of these "weird toilets" (just shows how extensive our product selection is). Check out # 6 the Dagobert Throne Toilet. If you ever wanted to be treated like a king/queen this is the toilet for you!

I simply had to pick my top three favorite "weird toilets" and I encourage you to do the same.

3. The Hands Free Toilet

This is great for the public bathroom; even better if you have a man in the house. This pick is for the ladies who spend a good portion of their time putting the seat back down.

2. Incinerating Toilet

The name itself classifies it as a "must top three pick". It involves a heating system and a special purpose coated paper bowl liner. Sounds like a long time for setup. Advise extreme caution for emergency bathroom visits.

And for the number one pick...Drumroll please.........
the mothership

1. The Waterless Toilet

No chemicals, running water, or electricity. This toilet is portable and compact. I hope it comes with some directions because it looks rather complicated. Do not use around pets or small children ; they may think it is a toy.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Top 10 Bathroom Moments

You want how much to regrout my shower?

Didn't think you could ever combine classic movie moments with toilets, showers and sinks? Well think again. Some of the cinema's most thrilling action scenes have taken place in bathrooms!

Joblo's website ranks the top five classical bathroom moments. They include a gangster mob man getting ready for a hit, a group of rebellious teenagers, a "shining" moment, a beautiful blonde middle aged woman (whose scene still terrifies me) and a "pyle" of fear.

I never thought bathrooms could contribute to such successful cinematic scenes. (whew thats a tounge twister!)

Hope you enjoy!

What Kind of Toilet Paper Are You?

Ever wonder what kind of toilet paper you are? Neither have we - until now. The World Toilet Organization has a brief quiz that matches your personality with certain types of toilet paper. I took the quiz and found out my personality matches a quilted style of toilet paper (I guess I am just a softie). Other staffers in our office came up with "dead leaves" and "paper napkin". Ouch.

What do I say about your personality?