Friday, November 30, 2007

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Bathroom Renovation
The Lone Star State is sharing its shine with a new star in town. One of our customers remodeled their Texan bathroom and won Best Bath in top 20 of Better Homes & Gardens magazine. 

The entire bathroom was remodeled using all Vintage Tub & Bath products from the medicine cabinet to the clawfoot tub resting on tub coasters on the floor. If we had a Customer of the Year award, the renovators, David and Sharon Morris, would win it hands down.

This vintage style Farmhouse bathroom may look authentic with a sliding wooden door, cast iron clawfoot tub, and double console sink created from old furniture, but through innovative drip-free faucets and a 1.6 GPF toilet, it's far from old and out-dated. The owners were even able to stay within their $15,000 budget by doing the work themselves. 

Looking at their before pictures, these renovators can give anyone inspiration to remodel their dim, crowded bathroom, as this once was.

In words of the renovator himself, David Morris,
Bathroom Renovation"All our friends told us we should submit [our remodeled bathroom] to a magazine. So I filled out the 10-page entry form and sent it in. [We] got a call around February to inform us we had won the Best Bath part of the contest. We won a thousand dollars and a spread in the May Issue of Better Homes and Gardens. The entire bathtub and all the fixtures were purchased through Vintage Tub. How cool is that?
We were also featured on a major network TV special playing around the country. We did all the work ourselves with the exception of the wood floor"

Key points to replicate this bathroom:

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