Friday, September 07, 2007

How to Create A Fun Kid's Bathroom

It is time to get creative! I know it is hard to find time to do home projects when you have children; but decorating your child's bathroom is different. This is a chance for you to get them involved in your activities and give them a chance to express their creative side. Now, I only suggest that you decorate a child's bathroom if you plan on living in your home for many years and if you plan on having more children who could use the bathroom. We all know children grow up so fast and their styles are going to change; so don't go to all the trouble of re-decorating if it will only last a few years.

You want to make sure you incorporate bright colors and fun touches into your bathroom but also keep it functional and easy for your child to keep clean and tidy. If you don't know where to start; I suggest Home Depot or Lowe's. They offer lots of decorating idea books. Once you have narrowed your decision to 2 or 3 bathrooms; let your child choose which one they would like to have. You can then go pick out your stencils and borders and also your choice of paint. If you want an underwater theme then turquoise would be your best bet. If you are looking for a jungle theme then a light green would be perfect. Beach theme would require light blue, sea green, or sandy beige colors. However, if your bathroom adjoins a bedroom you want to continue with the same color pattern.

If your shower door is glass (which I wouldn't suggest with a young child) you can pep it up with vinyl decals or have your child create their own stickies with a craft kit. You can also have them paint tiles with non-washable paint and incorporate it into the tile design behind the sink or in the shower. There is also something called giant removable wall stickers from Presto Chango Decor. These are great if you are thinking about changing your decor around a lot. If you let them join in the decorating process they will be proud that they helped to decorate their very own bathroom. For safety concerns you want to make sure that the rubber mat on the bottom of your tub has traction so they won't slip when they get into the tub. We suggest making it a bright color so it will draw their attention. Also if you have a mat on the outside of the shower make sure it has non slip backing and big knobby hooks for hanging robes and towels are more suitable than ones with sharp edges.In addition, if you are going to use a step stool for your children to reach the sink make sure it has non-skid rubber footings. If your looking for any other products to keep your children safe; go here. If you follow these suggestions; hopefully you can create a truly magical and wonderful place for your child!