Friday, August 31, 2007

How to Grout Tile

As you have read from previous blog posts. (Keep Your Bathroom Mold Free) It is very important to learn how to make and use grout. Grout is essential because it holds and seals the tile floor together making it harder for water or other substances to leak beneath the floor and damage the tile. So although it is a messy process; you must use grout to avoid doing permanent damage to your floor. As with most things the benefits of grouting will outweigh the costs.

To continue with our periodic How To Videos from YouTube we're going to learn how to properly make and use grout. This video will show you what products you need, how to mix the grout so you have the proper consistency (not to watery), and how to tackle the messy clean up. We got this video from the Blakech channel that is run by Blake. He has loads of videos that he filmed while renovating his house in in Kingston, Ontario.