Monday, August 06, 2007

Back To School

Being a recent college graduate; I spent the first two years of my college career trying to maximize space in my dorm room then another two years trying in a small apartment. It is very difficult to find space for all your necessities (especially all your clothes and shoes) So since it is back to school time; I figured a blog post about dorm rooms would be great. In a dorm room you will be equipped with a twin bed, a desk, and a very small closet.

Dorm space is very very small. So your first hurdle is to increase the functionality of the room and maximize the space given to you. Here are a few accessories that will help you do that.

Extra Shelves. You can get these from Pottery Barn and create your own set of drawers. You can choose from shelves, cubbies, and drawers. You can place these extra shelves in your closet. This way you can save your minimal floor space and add extra space for clothes.

Storage Bins. If you dont want extra shelves buy a few of these storage bins to put either under your bed or in your closet. You can also get hanging storage. You can put this on the back of your door or in your closet. With this product you get a mirror, pockets, and pegs all in one.

Another great product is the bath caddy. I found these great ones with suction cups on them. So you can pack all your shower supplies in one easy bucket. I suggest leaving the supplies in there. Just put a small towel down in the closet and place your caddy on this to make sure it dries and doesnt leak onto the floor.

You will also want to choose a small desk lamp and a laptop for your desk. You will want to save as much space as possible on your desk. A laptop will take up much less space than a PC desktop computer.

Egg cartons are also a great investment. They are stackable and dont take up much room. I used to store my books in one and my notebooks and folders in another.

I also suggest this rollable four drawer white cart set. I had one of these and I put it next to my bed. This way I could put pictures and my alarm clock on the top and use the drawers for extra storage.

Don't forget to be creative! Use your dorm room to use your imagination. Use bright colors and lots of pictures to show your personality.

Have a great year!

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