Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Architectural Salvage and Vintage Plumbing Sources Part 1

As you know Vintage Tub and Bath began in 1993 when Norman (Allan's brother and owner) began taking clawfoot tubs out of homes and began renovating and selling them to architectural salvage firms in Philadelphia and New York. So we thought it would be great to let you guys know where some architectural salvage yards are located.

There are two ways you can search for architectural salvage yards; you can either Google it and search around on the Internet yourself or you can utilize Old House Web.

Our first location we will research is going to be the wonderful state of New York.

The first stop is at a place called Historic House Parts which is located in Rochester, NY and began in 1980. Most of their inventory is salvage of pre-1940 buildings that were being demolished in the NY region. They offer a ton of restored products such as lighting, kitchen and pantry items, radiators, garden items, and bathroom items. Most of their bathroom items are vintage. They really do some wonderful work and I suggest checking them out.

Our second stop will be in Manhattan, NY at a place called Olde Good Things. They salvage antique and architectural artifacts from turn of the century and pre- war buildings. They started as a small flea market and have now grown to 5 different locations and have over 2,000 products online. They also pay a finder's fee if you know of any old buildings ready to be demolished. They offer items such as doors, furniture, hardware, kitchen supplies, and bath products.

Our last stop on this amazing adventure through salvage yards is at Oneonta, NY and is a place called Architiques. This place creates home accents out of architectural salvage and they also buy and sell antiques in their own salvage yard. This business began in 1989 by offering architectural elements and garden items at antique shows. There three main areas of products are antiques, home accents, and architectural salvage pieces.

Our trip through NY has been amazing and we have found some awesome salvage yards with pieces that you could incorporate into your everyday life.

Next stop, Sunny California!