Monday, July 16, 2007

New Look with Less Stress

Refurbishment, restoration, redevelopment, renovate. Call it what you will but remodeling your bathroom can be expensive, time consuming, and stressful. With some help from Home and Garden Television; I found 10 steps that you should take to have a successful remodeling experience.

1. Inspiration. Use it. Get creative and think outside of the box. Inspiration can come from photos, TV, websites, or friends.

2. Budget $$$$. (Yes, you should stick to one). The average remodel costs around $26,052. Since this is always a large concern for consumers you can go to NARI where they can provide you with a budgeting worksheet. They also have awesome before and after photos to help with your creativity.

3. Hire a Contractor. Ask for help. Just make sure you check out their references. You don't want them to start your bathroom project and leave with your cash.

4. Layout. Functionality is the key to a great layout. Make sure your also paying attention to the International Residential Codes.

5. Durable Flooring. The bathroom creates a lot of foot traffic and is characterized by wet surfaces, high temperatures, and a great deal of humidity. An aesthetic appeal is important but shouldn't be the deciding factor. If your looking at flooring you should consider; tile, wood, seeing green, laminate, or vinyl. This way you can ensure your flooring will last as long as possible.

6. Countertops. These will take as much of a beating as your floor. You need to make sure you choose something that won't stain and is strong. Granite is always a number one choice because it comes in different shades and finishes.

7. Shower and Tub. Customization can turn an ordinary bathroom into an extraordinary one. There are so many options you have; you should take advantage of them. If vintage is your style. Well you can just order everything from us.

8. Fixtures..Fixtures...Fixtures. Pay attention to detail. There are great quality fixtures for your bathrooms and they can be the perfect accessory to your shower and tub.

9. Toilets. Size, height, and functionality are three factors to consider when choosing the right toilet for you. Oh yes, and comfort.

10. Proper Lighting. No one likes going into a bathroom where they are blinded with fluorescent light. Make sure you have several lighting structures to create a delicate contrast. The top four lighting types are task, ambient, accent, and decorative.

If you follow these steps you can have a beautiful stressless remodeling experience.

before picture

after picture