Thursday, July 26, 2007

How to Install a Pedestal Sink

I wanted to find a site that explained how to install a pedestal sink in terms that I actually understand. I am not a handy person and I love it when I can find sites that use easy to understand terms and videos. And viola.' I did. It's called DIY for ( However, it is best to use a plumbing expert to install your sink it's still fun to try it yourself.

The pedestal sink is broken down into two parts. The base (the stand) and the sink. The sink mounts to a bracket on the wall and sets on top of the stand.

1. Make sure your wall is strong enough to bolt the sink into. If it is only drywall or plaster you might want to install a blocking device under the wall surface to support the sink.

2. Freely set the basin in the position that you want it and prop it up with 2x4's so it is steady. Make sure the sink is steady and mark the position on your wall for your mounting holes both for the sink and the stand.

3. Drill holes corresponding to the marks drilled on your wall. Attach fasteners then your drain and faucet lines to the sink. Then attach your water supply lines to the faucet.

4. Now put the sink and stand back into position on the wall but only bolt the sink into place. Support the sink by your 2x4's and remove the stand from the sink.

5. Finish by attaching your drain and water supply lines and test for leaks

6. Move your stand into its final position and bolt it to the floor. If your pedestal sink doesn't require floor bolts then use adhesive chaulk.

7. To finish, caulk the joint between the sink and wall and smooth and blend.

Some of these steps can be rather complicated and DIY doesnt offer specific instructions. You can contact the other sites offered here in order to better explain how to attach you drain, faucet, and supply lines. If you're having alot of trouble..just call a plumber..thats why they are there!

Good luck!
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Now this was just an overview of the basic process for more information you can contact these following sites:,,,