Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Flavour Design

I was trying to think of new ideas to blog about when our SEO intern Dan Moon led me to this awesome website. It's called Flavour Design and is located in Qualicum Beach, British Columbia in Canada. This company was founded by a woman named Elan in 1999. Flavour produces contemporary home accessories carried in North America and Europe. These pieces strive to be elegant and clever combined with a certain amount of functionality. Some of their products include cards, kitchen supplies, and living accessories. I would definitely check these out....all of them are so creative.

The Savon
The product I really want you to check out is called the Savon and it is an antique clawfoot cast iron bath converted into a loveseat. Now we aren't saying you should deface a brand new tub; but if you have a tub that is old and isn't worth much why not make it into something more useful? This tub is upholstered in icy blue suede with matching down pillows. This piece is $2900.00 but most of the pieces in this collection go for around $4800.00

If you are a retailer and are interested in carrying the flavour collection you contact them here. Since only some of their products are on the website; they can provide you with images of each of the items in their collection here.