Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Finding Feet for your Antique Tub

Dear Hazleton,

Just can't tell you how pleased I was to find your blog. The miracle of Google.In fear of boring you I will make this short and sweet. My son dug this tub up from our old horse property. Right now it's sitting on a cart at the sandblaster ( i did read your sandblasting blog) awaiting my further instructions. Although the picture makes the tub look very rusted it's not in terrible shape and worthy ( i hope) of a total rehab. My question: how do I know what size and type of feet to buy?It's a jungle out there for the 'tub-ignorant'. Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated. I will heed your learned advice.
Thankful for your time, Jackie Thomas

Dear Jackie,

If you can make out the manufacturer's name and any numbers on the bottom of your tub; you can search architectural salvage yards in your area or find salvage yard listings at Salvage Web and Old House Web but this could take a lot of time because claw feet are manufacturer and style specific.
If you have any of the original feet that you could send to us; we can make hand cast reproductions from a silicone bronze which is stronger than cast iron and won't rust. We will send it to you with a wire-brushed cast bronze finish or for an extra charge, we can plate, prime or paint your feet to your specifications - call us toll free at 877-868-1369 for more information or to order this service. Click below to view details: http://www.vintagetub.com/asp/product_detail.asp?item_no=ccfoot

Another great option and fits most tubs would be the Strom Plumbing Ball & Claw or the Lions Paw Tub Legs. Each includes a set of 4 beautifully designed solid brass feet, steel strapping and hardware to form a cradle (29.5" x 15.5") for your tub to rest. Either style foot is 9 1/2" tall and tub sits 6" from floor. Available in a Super Coat Brass or Chrome finish that you only need to wipe with a soft cloth to maintain. Click links below to view the details for each: