Wednesday, May 30, 2007

$1 Million Bathtub Stolen!

A $987,000, 18-karat gold tub was stolen from the Kominato Hotel Mikazuki in Kanagawa, south of Tokyo. The 176-pound fantasy tub was cut from its security chains and taken from its 10th-floor location by persons unknown.

Million Dollar Bathtub
The bathtub was the main feature in one of the shared bathrooms at the hotel and was only used a few hours a day for security reasons. Officials say that they have no witness information or security cameras that can provide any clues.

Vintage Tub & Bath regrets the tragic loss of this beautiful and one of a kind specialty bathtub. We stand united behind the Japanese government and the Kominato Hotel Mikazuki in their quest to recover their precious gold tub. In order to increase awareness of this senseless loss and improve the odds of recovering the tub, Vintage Tub & Bath is giving away a FREE claw foot tub to the first person who provides information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator(s).

Source: Yahoo News

Limit: 1 tub for prize. Tub does not include shipping outside the continental United States. Vintage Tub & Bath will have choice of tub awarded. Information relating to who turned in the perpetrator(s) must be disclosed from the proper Japanese authorities. (Prize Tub excludes Stephen Colbert Greatest Living American Tub).