Monday, April 16, 2007

Wolff Update

Acoustikat in Lancaster, Pa sent us the following comment about our Wolff Manufacturing post several months ago. I thought the picture was a classic and wanted to share it with everyone. Here is what he wrote:
Sanitary Pottery Collector
"I'm a sanitary pottery collector living in Lancaster, PA. I have a cast iron 1898 Wolff Neptune 5' center fill (Roman style) tub. The tub has a very large under rolled rim and lion's paw feet. I found it in Cincinnati, OH. The Neptune is missing the original hardware. 

Consequently, I am working with a metal artist to create the appropriate parts. The story that came with the tub was that is was used in the Presidential Suite of the Alms Hotel. I have been unable to confirm this. The tub is one of many pieces in my collection. I'm planning a master bathroom in my turn-of-the-century carriage house and the tub will be a centerpiece with a J. L. Mott bidet, John Douglas console sink, John Douglas royal embossed toilet, and a pedestal urinal with fluted base. I also collect plumbing catalogs from the major manufacturers prior to the Great Depression."