Friday, November 30, 2007

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Bathroom Renovation
The Lone Star State is sharing its shine with a new star in town. One of our customers remodeled their Texan bathroom and won Best Bath in top 20 of Better Homes & Gardens magazine. 

The entire bathroom was remodeled using all Vintage Tub & Bath products from the medicine cabinet to the clawfoot tub resting on tub coasters on the floor. If we had a Customer of the Year award, the renovators, David and Sharon Morris, would win it hands down.

This vintage style Farmhouse bathroom may look authentic with a sliding wooden door, cast iron clawfoot tub, and double console sink created from old furniture, but through innovative drip-free faucets and a 1.6 GPF toilet, it's far from old and out-dated. The owners were even able to stay within their $15,000 budget by doing the work themselves. 

Looking at their before pictures, these renovators can give anyone inspiration to remodel their dim, crowded bathroom, as this once was.

In words of the renovator himself, David Morris,
Bathroom Renovation"All our friends told us we should submit [our remodeled bathroom] to a magazine. So I filled out the 10-page entry form and sent it in. [We] got a call around February to inform us we had won the Best Bath part of the contest. We won a thousand dollars and a spread in the May Issue of Better Homes and Gardens. The entire bathtub and all the fixtures were purchased through Vintage Tub. How cool is that?
We were also featured on a major network TV special playing around the country. We did all the work ourselves with the exception of the wood floor"

Key points to replicate this bathroom:

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Think Acrylic Tubs Aren’t Traditional? Think Again.

freestanding tubAcrylic tubs visually emulate traditional cast iron tubs but also offer unique modern features to attract a wider audience. At Vintage Tub & Bath, our manufacturers produce acrylic clawfoot and freestanding tubs that feature the thickness, strength, and durability of traditional cast iron tubs. Azzuri, Whitehaus, and Randolph Morris are some of the industry’s top manufacturers, offering the highest quality products, warranties, and customer satisfaction.

Appealing to modern, time-constrained consumers

  • Sometimes a hectic day calls for more than just a warm bath. Some of our acrylic clawfoot tubs come with whirlpool jets and air bubble units that can massage and soothe the stress of the day away.
  • The nonporous interior surface does not stain, discolor or retain odors - this makes the tub easier to keep clean.
  • Unlike cast iron tubs, acrylic tubs cannot rust or chip.
  • Acrylic tubs come in an assortment of lengths. Vintage Tub’s collection includes 54", 60", 66", 67", 70", and 72" tubs.
  • Unique faucets or drillings are not required.
  • They carry the same high gloss shine as cast iron. 
  • Slipper, pedestal, double ended, and classic clawfoot tub styles are all available in acrylic.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Break Your Water Wasting Ways

Daylight savings time may be coming to an end on November 4th, but that doesn’t mean energy savings should end as well. Vintage Tub and Bath wants to invite our customers to help make a difference by "going green" via water conservation. The bonus to saving water is saving both the environment and money. Some states’ water utilities even offer rebates for the purchase of exceptionally efficient electric and water appliances. A quick, one time modification or purchase saves hundreds of gallons a week.

With water running through all our primary products here at Vintage Tub and Bath, we happen to know a thing or two about cutting corners in water usage.

Here’s simple, one time changes that create long-term savings:

  1. Place a plastic bottle or bag filled with pebbles and water in the toilet’s water tank. This displaces water and the toilet will use less water with each flush.
  2. Re-position the lawn mower blades one level higher. This cuts back on lawn watering through less water evaporation with the longer grass.
  3. Plant shrubs and flowers that require less water. Most nurseries should provide a wide selection and assistance.
  4. Replace out dated appliances with water efficient appliances meeting these requirements:

· Toilets- The ultra–low flush toilets use less than one and a half gallons to flush compared to the old 5-7 gallon flushers.

· Bathroom Faucets- The maximum flow should not exceed 1.5 gallons per minute.

· Shower Heads- Purchase any that use less than one gallon in 20 seconds.

· Dishwashers- Look for the ENERGY STAR, EnergyGuide, or EnergySense labels. These use half the amount of water as standard dishwashers.

  1. FIX the leaky faucets, shower heads, and toilets. Can’t tell if a toilet is leaking? Put a few drops of food coloring in the water tank and see if it bleeds into the bowl without flushing.
  2. Can’t afford to replace? Install an aerator on the faucets and shower heads. Low-flow aerators typically cost $5 -$10 for faucets and $8-$50 for shower heads.
See, Going Green isn't so hard after all. It also gives you a reason to remodel.
Breaking our customers' bad water wasting habits is next to concur on Vintage Tub's Green list.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Warm Up to Towel Warmers

From U.K. to U.S.

Towel warmers have been popular for years in Europe and are becoming the new craze in the U.S. The affordable price and versatility is breaking the heating rack's mold of being an expensive towel heating accessory only in day spas and five star hotels. Towel warmers are available as low as $39.00 in multiple finishes that compliment both taste and budget. You’re able to live a little like the rich and famous without emptying the wallet.

Not just for Towels

Towel warmers are not strictly for towels. Easily install one in the laundry room and throw out those bulky drying racks. They’re ideal for quickly drying delicate clothing, damp mittens, and wet swim suits while reducing mildew growth. Warm your sweaters, the baby’s blanket, kid’s jackets, and many more garments.

Bring it outdoors

Hot tubs and pools are relaxing while you’re in them, but why freeze when you get out? A heated towel reduces the dread of exiting. With portable, floor mounted, and wall mounted warmers, they’re adaptable to fit almost any space and environment. A warm towel is the perfect complement to a hot tub.

Gift Giving

You’ll be praised for the amount of thought put into your towel warmer gifts. They make a great housing warming and baby or bridal shower gift. Really warm other’s hearts by ordering embroidered monogram towels to go with it. It’s never too early to start thinking about holiday shopping.

Friday, September 07, 2007

How to Create A Fun Kid's Bathroom

It is time to get creative! I know it is hard to find time to do home projects when you have children; but decorating your child's bathroom is different. This is a chance for you to get them involved in your activities and give them a chance to express their creative side. Now, I only suggest that you decorate a child's bathroom if you plan on living in your home for many years and if you plan on having more children who could use the bathroom. We all know children grow up so fast and their styles are going to change; so don't go to all the trouble of re-decorating if it will only last a few years.

You want to make sure you incorporate bright colors and fun touches into your bathroom but also keep it functional and easy for your child to keep clean and tidy. If you don't know where to start; I suggest Home Depot or Lowe's. They offer lots of decorating idea books. Once you have narrowed your decision to 2 or 3 bathrooms; let your child choose which one they would like to have. You can then go pick out your stencils and borders and also your choice of paint. If you want an underwater theme then turquoise would be your best bet. If you are looking for a jungle theme then a light green would be perfect. Beach theme would require light blue, sea green, or sandy beige colors. However, if your bathroom adjoins a bedroom you want to continue with the same color pattern.

If your shower door is glass (which I wouldn't suggest with a young child) you can pep it up with vinyl decals or have your child create their own stickies with a craft kit. You can also have them paint tiles with non-washable paint and incorporate it into the tile design behind the sink or in the shower. There is also something called giant removable wall stickers from Presto Chango Decor. These are great if you are thinking about changing your decor around a lot. If you let them join in the decorating process they will be proud that they helped to decorate their very own bathroom. For safety concerns you want to make sure that the rubber mat on the bottom of your tub has traction so they won't slip when they get into the tub. We suggest making it a bright color so it will draw their attention. Also if you have a mat on the outside of the shower make sure it has non slip backing and big knobby hooks for hanging robes and towels are more suitable than ones with sharp edges.In addition, if you are going to use a step stool for your children to reach the sink make sure it has non-skid rubber footings. If your looking for any other products to keep your children safe; go here. If you follow these suggestions; hopefully you can create a truly magical and wonderful place for your child!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Not Just Tubs and Bath

I know our name is called Vintage Tub and Bath. But we offer many other products that are not at all related to kitchens or bathrooms. We just thought the name Vintage Tub and Bath and Miscellaneous Items was way to long of a title. (hahaha) So this blog is going to be dedicated to those items that get left behind. I hope you are surprised and maybe even find something that you like.

Under our Home and Garden section of our website you will be able to find many different items. Most of these items deal with the outside of your home. Here at Vintage we are offering you the complete house re-model because we will put the finishing touches on both the inside and outside of your home. Some of the products we offer are: outdoor fountains, firepits, weather stations and thermometers, planters, and candle holders. Alot of the candle holders are really beautiful and have that old world charm that is commonly associated with vintage style.

However, we are going to focus on one particular product. And that is the jewelry box. I know you are probably asking yourself what does that have to do with bathrooms? Well, it doesn't and that is why it is so cool that we offer them; because it is an unexpected product and shows that we really can think outside of the box in what we offer our customers. These jewelry boxes really are beautiful. My favorite is the dual swinging jewelry box. This is made of a solid wood walnut finish. It has five drawers and ten swinging compartments.

If this product is a little large for you try the square jewelry box. It is made of a solid wood gloss walnut finish and has four felt lined compartments and one ring compartment in a sliding tray.

We even get really creative in what we can offer our younger audience. We offer a pink heart faux leather jewelry box and also a red lips leather case jewelry box.
You can also purchase a wood wristwatch with glass lid and a wooden pen display box with drawer. (I told you we offer a lot of different products)

Hopefully you can find something you enjoy!

Friday, August 31, 2007

How to Grout Tile

As you have read from previous blog posts. (Keep Your Bathroom Mold Free) It is very important to learn how to make and use grout. Grout is essential because it holds and seals the tile floor together making it harder for water or other substances to leak beneath the floor and damage the tile. So although it is a messy process; you must use grout to avoid doing permanent damage to your floor. As with most things the benefits of grouting will outweigh the costs.

To continue with our periodic How To Videos from YouTube we're going to learn how to properly make and use grout. This video will show you what products you need, how to mix the grout so you have the proper consistency (not to watery), and how to tackle the messy clean up. We got this video from the Blakech channel that is run by Blake. He has loads of videos that he filmed while renovating his house in in Kingston, Ontario.

Friday, August 24, 2007

The Decorator Is In

Since most of the videos featured have been about installation; I wanted to show you what you can do after the installation process is over. Well of course; it would be to decorate. This is where you really get to have fun in your different rooms and express your creativity and imagination. This next YouTube video shows you how to decorate your bathroom with a beachy style.

A beach theme bathroom needs to bring refreshing and relaxing feelings to yourself and your guests. Most beach theme bathroom supplies are sold in sets (with a shower curtain, towels, bath mat, toothbrush holder etc etc.) Do not buy these sets because it will overwhelm your bathroom with too much of one style. Instead go for colors that represent the beach. You want your bathroom to bring about feelings of the beach not the image of it. To learn more great tips about decorating you can visit

This video is from askthedecorator channel and is produced by Megan Carter. You can also visit her website that will give you plenty of ideas on how to decorate every room of the house.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Did We Miss the Exit?

I spend a good portion of my day surfing the web trying to find new and exciting topics about bathrooms. This is difficult considering there aren't many new news stories about bathrooms. However, every once and awhile you stumble on something that is truly creative and interesting. This is what happened to me.

I found a cool website called Design Boom. I was checking out a bunch of stuff when I found these really cool tiles that are definitely unique. They are designed by a man named Jim Termeer from Concord, New Hampshire. They are a set of 25 ceramic tiles that can be used anywhere from your bathroom to your kitchen. He takes the everyday object and turns it into something beautiful and inspirational. It takes a really creative person to think of something like this.

These tiles are based on satellite imagery of major highway systems not only in the United States but from around the world. They take some of the most complex and expensive highway systems and turn them into a beautiful piece of artwork. They take digital images of the highways and then transfer the design onto tile with black glaze. The white ceramic tile measures 15"x 15". Also on the tile is the city where the highway system is located.

Where did Jim get such inspiration? Well he was an industrial designer for technology products which serves as his inspiration for his work. He also has a BFA from Kansas City Art Institute and an MA in design from the Design Academy Eindhoven.

These tiles are a great way to add a cultural twist to your bathroom or kitchen. Now you can see the world while you make your dinner or brush your teeth. Amazing!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Installing a Kitchen Faucet

We all know the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. So when you move into a new home or remodel your house one of the first rooms you want completed is your kitchen (the other room being your bathroom) So we thought as we continue along with our How To Video YouTube segment we would show a kitchen faucet installation.

This video is from the channel of YouTooCanDo and is once again hosted by Joe Schmidt. This video gives you specific instruction on how to install a kitchen faucet. He really does make it look so easy.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Architectural Salvage and Vintage Plumbing Sources Part 2

items in Pasadena SalvageOur last trip through architectural salvage yards was focused on the east cost. Now it's time to experience sunny California which is our next stop on our tour. So hop on and buckle up and off we go!

Our first stop in our CA adventure of salvage yards is Santa Fe Wrecking Company located in Los Angeles. They buy and sell salvage items and have a yard that spans over 50,000 square feet. (tip # 1- wear grungy clothes because it is gonna be a little dirty) They offer lighting, plumbing, doors, hardware, and appliances. They offer over 600 clawfoot tubs and over 200 different claw feet. They also offer hundreds of corner, pedestal, and wall hung sinks.

Our next stop is at Tony's Architectural Salvage Yard in Orange County. This salvage yard offers nontraditional items such as mantles, french doors, chandeliers, fountains, iron gates, and gothic doors. So if you are looking for a unique item this is the place you will find it.

Our last stop on this CA trip is a place called Pasadena Architectural Salvage located in Pasadena (obviously.) Some of their products are doors, pottery, stained and leaded glass windows (these are beautiful), and books/magazines. Some of their newer items are glass walkway tiles, a fireplace tool set, and an iron arch. And plenty more!

Well another salvage yard journey has been completed. Two more cities to go and we will have completed Salvage Tour 2007. Next place.....I'm thinking Boston!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Architectural Salvage and Vintage Plumbing Sources Part 1

As you know Vintage Tub and Bath began in 1993 when Norman (Allan's brother and owner) began taking clawfoot tubs out of homes and began renovating and selling them to architectural salvage firms in Philadelphia and New York. So we thought it would be great to let you guys know where some architectural salvage yards are located.

There are two ways you can search for architectural salvage yards; you can either Google it and search around on the Internet yourself or you can utilize Old House Web.

Our first location we will research is going to be the wonderful state of New York.

The first stop is at a place called Historic House Parts which is located in Rochester, NY and began in 1980. Most of their inventory is salvage of pre-1940 buildings that were being demolished in the NY region. They offer a ton of restored products such as lighting, kitchen and pantry items, radiators, garden items, and bathroom items. Most of their bathroom items are vintage. They really do some wonderful work and I suggest checking them out.

Our second stop will be in Manhattan, NY at a place called Olde Good Things. They salvage antique and architectural artifacts from turn of the century and pre- war buildings. They started as a small flea market and have now grown to 5 different locations and have over 2,000 products online. They also pay a finder's fee if you know of any old buildings ready to be demolished. They offer items such as doors, furniture, hardware, kitchen supplies, and bath products.

Our last stop on this amazing adventure through salvage yards is at Oneonta, NY and is a place called Architiques. This place creates home accents out of architectural salvage and they also buy and sell antiques in their own salvage yard. This business began in 1989 by offering architectural elements and garden items at antique shows. There three main areas of products are antiques, home accents, and architectural salvage pieces.

Our trip through NY has been amazing and we have found some awesome salvage yards with pieces that you could incorporate into your everyday life.

Next stop, Sunny California!

Friday, August 10, 2007

New or Used Toilet Installation Video

Learning how to install a toilet (or anything for that matter) can be time consuming, frustrating, and messy. It's eay to lose your patience especially with written instructions. It is to hard to read the instructions while learning how to install something for the first time. But in this day and age it is easy to find thousands of How To Videos on the web. This way you can work along with the video. You are also allowed to pause it, rewind, and fast forward. The first How to Video I found was on YouTube. This is the best place to start because they have millions of options to choose from.

This video is how to install a new or used toilet. It is well put together and easy to understand. It is from a channel called HomeRemodelWorkshop. It provides useful information for homeowners dealing with remodeling projects. This video was hosted by Joe Schmidt.

Good luck and keep reading for more How To Videos.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Show Me Those Pearly Whites

Your toothbrush cleans your teeth. But what cleans your toothbrush?

I know I'm particularly insane about cleanliness; brush your teeth, wash your face, wash your hands. However, it never occurred to me that every day I'm brushing my teeth with the same old grimy, dirty toothbrush. I didn't think there was a solution to this problem until I researched and found the VIOlight toothbrush sanitizer. This VIOlight product will kill 99.9% of germs found on the toothbrush using a special UV light.

Why would you need this product?

There are millions of microorganisms in the world. When these microorganisms combine with a warm and moist environment, like a bathroom, they form harmful bacteria. These bacteria can cause the flu, colds, e.coli, botulism, salmonella, and other diseases. Rinsing your toothbrush under the faucet is no longer an acceptable means of sanitation.
VIOlight Toothbrush Sanitizer

How does it work?

VIOlight uses a germicidal bulb (same one as used in hospitals) to clean your toothbrush. It holds 4 regular toothbrushes or electric toothbrushes. Once you're done brushing your teeth, place your toothbrush upside down with the head of the brush by the UV bulb. Then press the start button. The top part of the VIOlight will turn a blue-violet color letting you know it's working. It only takes 10 minutes for the complete process. Once it's finished the bulb automatically shuts off. 

Why should you buy this product?

1. Saves space - VIOlight is the size of an average cup and it has a skid proof bottom.

2. Multi-purpose - VIOlight serves as a regular toothbrush holder, as well.

3. Easy to use -  The drip cup can be easily removed for regular cleaning. It's also powered by standard household electricity and has a 6ft wall plug.

4. Functionality - You can have one for your household that accommodates up to four brushes, as well as a single case for travel. So everywhere you go, you can have clean and healthy teeth.

5. Affordable - You can get a lot of use out of it for your money. You only have to change the bulb every 18 months or over. The new bulb is only $11.95

Remember. You don't have to brush your teeth- only the ones you want to keep!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Back To School

Being a recent college graduate; I spent the first two years of my college career trying to maximize space in my dorm room then another two years trying in a small apartment. It is very difficult to find space for all your necessities (especially all your clothes and shoes) So since it is back to school time; I figured a blog post about dorm rooms would be great. In a dorm room you will be equipped with a twin bed, a desk, and a very small closet.

Dorm space is very very small. So your first hurdle is to increase the functionality of the room and maximize the space given to you. Here are a few accessories that will help you do that.

Extra Shelves. You can get these from Pottery Barn and create your own set of drawers. You can choose from shelves, cubbies, and drawers. You can place these extra shelves in your closet. This way you can save your minimal floor space and add extra space for clothes.

Storage Bins. If you dont want extra shelves buy a few of these storage bins to put either under your bed or in your closet. You can also get hanging storage. You can put this on the back of your door or in your closet. With this product you get a mirror, pockets, and pegs all in one.

Another great product is the bath caddy. I found these great ones with suction cups on them. So you can pack all your shower supplies in one easy bucket. I suggest leaving the supplies in there. Just put a small towel down in the closet and place your caddy on this to make sure it dries and doesnt leak onto the floor.

You will also want to choose a small desk lamp and a laptop for your desk. You will want to save as much space as possible on your desk. A laptop will take up much less space than a PC desktop computer.

Egg cartons are also a great investment. They are stackable and dont take up much room. I used to store my books in one and my notebooks and folders in another.

I also suggest this rollable four drawer white cart set. I had one of these and I put it next to my bed. This way I could put pictures and my alarm clock on the top and use the drawers for extra storage.

Don't forget to be creative! Use your dorm room to use your imagination. Use bright colors and lots of pictures to show your personality.

Have a great year!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

"Shhhhh, be vewy vewy quiet; I'm hunting wabbits...hehehehe

Since all past blog posts have had to do with bathrooms or kitchens; I've decided to venture to a new topic for today's post. Today we are going to talk about gardening; more specifically how you can keep rabbits out of your garden.

We all know the famous story of Peter Rabbit and how he sneaks into Mr. McGregor's garden to eat as many vegetables before Mr. McGregor chases him out.
We also know the saying "Wascally Wabbits" said by the famous cartoon character Elmer Fudd whose aim is to hunt rabbits but most of the time ends up hurting himself. However, I do not suggest chasing rabbits around in your backyard with a shotgun.

classic Elmer Fudd cartoonHere are some tips you could use (besides chasing them out or hunting them down) that will help keep your garden beautiful and rabbit free.

Rabbits like to live in areas that are inhabited by bushy fences or rows or on edges of fields. They prefer certain plants such as peas, beans, and beets. They also tend to shy away from squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, and potatoes.

The absolute best way to keep rabbits away from your garden is to build a fence. A good height would be around two feet and make sure you bury the fence into the ground a few inches because rabbits are more likely to go under the fence than above it. And also make sure that the fence openings are not to wide that the rabbit can squeeze through. (it should look something like the picture below) You could also use circle wire and wrap each individual plant. picture of rabbit fenceYou can also sprinkle vinegar, hot pepper flakes, or liquid chile spray on and around your plants. Another suggestion would be to soak corn cobs in vinegar for about five minutes and place them throughout your garden. If you continue to do this make sure you periodically soak the cobs so they don't lose their effectiveness.

One last suggestion would be to plant clover around your garden because rabbits would rather eat that than any plant you offer.

Good luck with your wabbits...!!!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Blogging Basics

Today we are going to blog about blogging. Here at Vintage Tub and Bath we think it is imperative to give attention to our blog; since this is one of the main ways of communication with our customers. When you run an online retailing business you lack the face to face communication that is present in brick and mortar stores. However, the blog allows you to feel connected with the customers and allows them to feel connected with you. Since a blog is written in a more relaxed and conversational style you really can get that two way communication that would be lacking otherwise.

I recently received this magazine directed at e-commerce professionals called eBiz Insider. This magazine is really great. It takes what would be complicated topics and breaks them down into easy to read articles. It's editor in chief is Scott Sanfilippo and the magazine is published monthly by Solid Cactus. This magazine covers subjects such as keywords, customer service, blogging, and how to create 360 degree product reviews.

Today I am going to cover some basics about blogging that I found useful (with the help of Chris Pawloski who wrote the article.) So if you're just starting out you should find this really beneficial.

Blog is short for weblog which is almost like an online diary and shows the personality of the author of the blog. It should be written in a more conversational style instead of following a rigid structure.

Most of the tools you need to write a blog are free. That means you get to increase your customer base for no cost. You would be crazy to not take advantage of this opportunity!

Try to keep up to date with your blog posts. It is a good idea to write a new one everyday because search engines love fresh information.

As I mentioned before it is a great way to form that communication between your business and customers. Just make sure you keep your blog interesting and relaxed.

Set up a google account like google analytics. This is a great and free way to track the traffic going into your blog. You can monitor the amount of visits, bounce rate, time on site, and unique visitors. It's a great tool to see if your blog is reaching your target audience.

Request feedback and comments and try to engage the reader in activities on the blog. Encourage them to participate in contests or questions that you may post on the blog.

Link. As you can see througout the whole blog I have linked to many different sites. If you link to websites hopefully websites will link to you in return.

Good luck getting started!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bring It Home

Yes it's true! We have recently been featured in the July issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine. On page 82 of this magazine you can find Indoor Inspirations on how to Relax with Sink-In-Style. On this page the magazine features four items.

Our item is featured as number four on this page. This item has classic charm and is a perfect accessory to a vintage style bathroom. The item is a Roll Rim clawfoot tub with a british telephone faucet. You can find any of these products on our website.

The next item we will discuss is a Fuego Modular furniture cabinet. With this piece you can find the right combination of drawers, cabinets, and shelves to fit your own personal needs. This item has a tremendous amount of functionality because you can mix and match these pieces to achieve any look you want. You can place the drawers side by side to create a bench or stacked to create a tower unit (as shown in this picture). The prices range from $14.99-$89.99

The third item is a Diamond wicker chair with a cushion. The great way to offset white cabinetry is to use woven pieces that water can't damage. You can even order a love seat designed in the same way. All pieces are available in brown or white wicker.

The last item is a multi-purpose indoor and outdoor Finesse rug. The best place for this type of rug is in the bathroom because it is a good choice for high-traffic areas. This item comes in pewter, black, bleu, cranberry, coffee, and terra cotta.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Charitable Giving Program 2007

As you know throughout this blog we like to periodically update you on our community giving program. Our most recent charitable giving program was the WWII weekend in Reading, PA. This event took place from Friday, June 1st to Sunday, June 3rd, 2007. My company, Vintage Tub & Bath, was a sponsor at this event.

The WWII adult tickets were priced at $16.00, children 6-12 were $7.00 and children 5 and under attended the event for free.

What does the WWII Memorial Reenactment have?

You can see more than 1,000 WWII military and civilian re-enactors and dozens of combat and support units, representing many nations.

See up to 200 military vehicles, from motorcycles to Jeeps to tanks - the biggest gathering in the country. This year the tanks and artillery pieces were fired.

You also get to see live air-shows and home front displays.

It was great to be a sponsor at this event and show our support for the veterans. If you want to learn how to be a sponsor you can click on this link. If you just wish to support by attending the event you can look forward to the 18th annual WWII reenactment from June 6-8th in 2008.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

How to Install a Pedestal Sink

While Vintage Tub & Bath always recommends having a professional plumber install any fixtures in your home, we wanted to share these step-by-step directions from Easy2DIY for installing a pedestal sink.

The pedestal sink is broken down into two parts - the base or stand, and the sink. The sink mounts to a bracket on the wall and is set on top of the stand.

1. Make sure the wall is strong enough to bolt the sink into. If it's only drywall or plaster you should consider installing a blocking device under the surface of the wall to support the sink.

2. Freely set the basin in the position you want, propping it up with 2x4's so it's steady. Mark the position on the wall for mounting holes for the sink and the stand.

3. Drill holes corresponding to the marks drawn on the wall. Attach fasteners, then the drain and faucet lines to the sink. Next, attach the water supply lines to the faucet.

4. Now put the sink and stand back into position on the wall, but only bolt the sink into place. Support the sink using 2x4's and remove the stand from the sink.

5. Finish by attaching the drain and water supply lines. Then test for leaks

6. Move the stand into its final position and bolt it to the floor. If the pedestal sink doesn't require floor bolts, use adhesive caulk.

7. To finish, caulk the joint between the sink and wall, and smooth and blend.

Some of these steps can be rather complicated and Easy2DIY doesn't offer specific instructions. Once again, Vintage Tub & Bath recommends having a professional plumber install all fixtures.

Good luck!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Flavour Design

I was trying to think of new ideas to blog about when our SEO intern Dan Moon led me to this awesome website. It's called Flavour Design and is located in Qualicum Beach, British Columbia in Canada. This company was founded by a woman named Elan in 1999. Flavour produces contemporary home accessories carried in North America and Europe. These pieces strive to be elegant and clever combined with a certain amount of functionality. Some of their products include cards, kitchen supplies, and living accessories. I would definitely check these out....all of them are so creative.

The Savon
The product I really want you to check out is called the Savon and it is an antique clawfoot cast iron bath converted into a loveseat. Now we aren't saying you should deface a brand new tub; but if you have a tub that is old and isn't worth much why not make it into something more useful? This tub is upholstered in icy blue suede with matching down pillows. This piece is $2900.00 but most of the pieces in this collection go for around $4800.00

If you are a retailer and are interested in carrying the flavour collection you contact them here. Since only some of their products are on the website; they can provide you with images of each of the items in their collection here.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It's Time To Vote for America's Best Restroom 2007

The five finalists are in and now it's time to cast your ballot! This prestigious honor has been bestowed upon public bathrooms since early 2002. Each year this award is presented by Cintas. The voting process ends July 31st and the winner will be announced in early August. (so get voting) The winner will receive a plaque of recognition and a place on America's Best Restroom "Hall of Fame" portion of the website.

And the nominees are:

Catch 31 located in Virginia Beach, Virginia located in the Virginia Beach Hilton Oceanfront. This bathroom has cool blue walls, high ceilings, mosaic tiles, and sports a nautical theme.

Fandangles' in Flushing Michigan. A bathroom for an artist; it has art decor hanging on the walls, fresh flowers adorning the sink and countertop, and a curtain that decorates the ceiling of each bathroom.

Jungle Jim's International Market in Fairfield Ohio. This bathroom is really creative. It has a door that looks like an entrance to a port- o- potty but when you open the door it reveals a spacious bathroom. It also has a jungle theme that decorates the hallways. (This one gets my vote because I love creative stuff)

Mix Lounge at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada. This bathroom is the favorite of people with contemporary style. This bathroom is equipped with sleek black walls, toilets, and fixtures. It also features an amazing view of the city right from your bathroom stall.

Vermont Marble Museum in Proctor Vermont. The main component in this bathroom is of course marble. All countertops, doors, floors, and stalls are marble all come in shades of black and white. It also has lacy curtains and flowers to soften this edgy design.

Intersted in casting a vote? Well click here and you can do it in one easy step.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Rub a dub dub- Get your Pet in the Tub

I absolutely love animals (especially dogs) but we all know how they hate to take a bath. I have a husky/ german sheperd mix named Sadie and it is always a big production to get her into the she is extra furry so it doubles the mess and clean up time. However, the summer is the perfect time to tackle this messy and unpleasant task.

Here are a few things you will need:
- pet shampoo
- brush
- towels
- toys and treats

1. Collect all your materials before bath time. This way everything will be easy to find and within arms reach.

2. Groom their coat before bath time to loosen all the debris within their coat.

3. Decide whether the kitchen sink or bathtub is better. It usually is a question of size and convenience. If you have a small dog I would recommend the kitchen sink. The space is smaller and they might feel more comfortable. A larger dog would definitely feel more comfortable in a tub or even outside. If your dog is a little on the wild side you should use the tub because they will be less likely to jump out and hurt themselves.

4. Put a rubber mat or small towel down to prevent them from slipping.

5. Test the temperature of the water. Lukewarm would be the most comfortable.

6. Shampoo! Be careful not to get it in their eyes or ears. You will want to use a warm washcloth for these two areas.

7. Rinse. You want to do a thorough job because any leftover shampoo in the dog's coat will leave it dry, flaky, and itchy.

8. Dry as best you can. Or if you do it in the summer let the dog air dry or take them for a long walk. This will significantly reduce the drying time.

9. Reward! Give treats and lots of praise. This way they can associate bath time with lots of positive reinforcement.

Here is a great website filled with awesome gadgets on making bathtub time easier for you and your pets.

Keep Your Bathroom Mold Free

July showers....bring August flowers... and moldy bathrooms! Here is a little overview ofwhat mold looks like in a bathroom how you can keep your bathroom dry and mold free during this hot and rainy season.

OK first off what is mold and what does it look like?

Mold is a fungus; molds are plants that make spores instead of seeds which float in the air like pollen. They are a common trigger for allergies. Molds are found in damp areas, such as the basement or bathroom, as well as in the outdoor environment in grass, leaf piles, hay, and mulch. The picture to the right depicts an extreme case of a moldy bathroom.

Here are some tips:

You should always keep the bathroom window closed and use a vent fan instead. If you leave the window open it will blow the moisture back into the room.

Use flooring like wood, ceramic, or tile. This way it can be easily wiped down after getting wet and use a bath mat when getting out of the shower. However, make sure you don't leave it permanently on the ground because that will increase your chances of mold. You should hang it up to dry after every use.

Use after shower rinses. (like Clean-Ez or Tilex Mold and Mildew Remover)These products are inexpensive and easy to use after every shower. This will prevent the increase of any soap scum or mold building up.

You should buy a dehumidifier to pull moisture out of the air preventing condensation build-up and mold on cold tile and porcelain surfaces.

Also take care of any leaks (little or small) and use grout sealer around the edges of your tub and sink; this will prevent mold from forming on your grout. Also stay away from potted plants because their soil is a breeding ground for mold.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Go- Green!

our planetGlobal warming and the environment have recently become a hot topic of debate in 2007. Since this is a bathroom blog; I thought it would be beneficial to talk about eco-friendly bathroom cleaning supplies. I found this great website called Natural Choices; that gives you alot of information on safe cleaning supplies.

Why use products from Natural Choices?
1. The products are non-toxic upon decomposition
2. They are based on naturally derived raw materials
3. No fillers

What products you should avoid:
Products that contain chlorine, bleach, ammonia, petrochemicals, and VOC's. These products emit harmful chemicals into the air and may cause damage to the person using them or breathing them in. They also damage your air quality.

Here are some of the products they offer:
1. Automatic Dishwasher detergent. It contains no chlorine, phosphates, or fillers.

2. Dishwashing Liquid. This is a soy based product. It breaks down faster and safer and also is free of fragrances, phosphates, solvents, chlorine, and dyes.

3. Kitchen and Bathroom Cleanser. The safe alternative to clean without using bleach.

4. Toilet Bowl Cleaner. Contains no acids or chlorine.

Looking for these products? Well, go here. Where you can find a list of distributors in your area.

Good luck Going Green!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Make your bathroom look larger

Here are a few things on how to make a small bathroom look BIGGER!

1. Always use lighter colors on your floors and walls. We all know dark colors close off your space and make it look smaller than it is. I would steer towards whites, grays, and beiges (but if you want a little color use light green or blue accent tiles) just nothing too dark.

2. Use a pedastal or wall mounted sink. They are a great and attractive way to save space. Just remember with these sinks you will have little or no counter space.

3. Choose simple solid patterns like glass and wood.

4. A large mirror. I know. Why would you want a large mirror in a small bathroom? Well, they reflect space and make a small bathroom seem roomier. Also you can try a recessed medicine cabinet. This way you get a mirror and extra storage space in one fixture.

5. Storage saving accessories. Eliminate all clutter. Wall hanging storage accessories are a great way to save counter top space and they conceal a lot of items in a little space.

6. Windows and skylights. The more light you have in your room the better. More light gives the illusion of additional space. Make sure you put the windows near the ceiling to avoid using up valuable storage space.

7. Pay attention to the little things. You should use a shower curtain instead of a glass sliding door. You can push the shower curtain over when your not using it so you can see the wall. This will give the illusion of more space.

8. Use your corners wisely. You can find cabinets and storage fixtures that will fit into angle styles.

9. Clear the extra floor space. Avoid protruding objects that stick out onto the bathroom floor. This will disrupt the flow of traffic through the bathroom and make the space look smaller.

10. Use crown molding. If you want the illusion of a higher bathroom ceiling you can use crown molding around the edges. However, make sure your ceiling and crown molding are painted the same color. This will create a more continuous flow through the room rather than a choppy broken up feel.

Finding Feet for your Antique Tub

Dear Hazleton,

Just can't tell you how pleased I was to find your blog. The miracle of Google.In fear of boring you I will make this short and sweet. My son dug this tub up from our old horse property. Right now it's sitting on a cart at the sandblaster ( i did read your sandblasting blog) awaiting my further instructions. Although the picture makes the tub look very rusted it's not in terrible shape and worthy ( i hope) of a total rehab. My question: how do I know what size and type of feet to buy?It's a jungle out there for the 'tub-ignorant'. Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated. I will heed your learned advice.
Thankful for your time, Jackie Thomas

Dear Jackie,

If you can make out the manufacturer's name and any numbers on the bottom of your tub; you can search architectural salvage yards in your area or find salvage yard listings at Salvage Web and Old House Web but this could take a lot of time because claw feet are manufacturer and style specific.
If you have any of the original feet that you could send to us; we can make hand cast reproductions from a silicone bronze which is stronger than cast iron and won't rust. We will send it to you with a wire-brushed cast bronze finish or for an extra charge, we can plate, prime or paint your feet to your specifications - call us toll free at 877-868-1369 for more information or to order this service. Click below to view details:

Another great option and fits most tubs would be the Strom Plumbing Ball & Claw or the Lions Paw Tub Legs. Each includes a set of 4 beautifully designed solid brass feet, steel strapping and hardware to form a cradle (29.5" x 15.5") for your tub to rest. Either style foot is 9 1/2" tall and tub sits 6" from floor. Available in a Super Coat Brass or Chrome finish that you only need to wipe with a soft cloth to maintain. Click links below to view the details for each:

Monday, July 16, 2007

3D Bathrooom Planning Tools

This will be my first contribution to the Daily Tubber and I can't be more excited about it. Today the hot topic has been tips on remodeling. I have looked around and found some very interesting tools to help with a bathroom remodeling project.

The most interesting tool I have found is the
tool which allows you to take some pre-made bathrooms from the Bathroom Design Center at Then adjust them to your liking. I found it to be very useful to match up some colors for your bathroom. It helps most matching up colors for your faucets and counter tops or your sinks and bathtubs. The Design Center at HGTV is centered around Kohler products. The picture to the right is the bathroom I designed today.

Some downsides to the Design Center is the choppy graphics of all the fixtures, you can't seem to make out all the details in the products that well. Also sometimes it is difficult for it to run on your computer properly. We had some difficulties on computers here for it to work consistently. You can't choose products other than Kohler so if you aren't a fan of Kohler then you won't be to pleased with this tool. Who doesn't love Kohler though. I couldn't change the tub faucet on the tub either which bummed me out a little but I'm over it.

Kohler also offeres a design tool on their website. Kohler's program goes into a little more depth than Kohler allows you to customize your room size, and put in whatever Kohler products they have on their website into your bathroom. I did not have time to play around with this tool but it appeared to be really cool and useful.

Here is another shot of my bathroom design with the listings of the products I used in my design.

1. Toilet - Kathryn Elongated Toilet
2. Sinks - Memoirs Self-Rimming Basin
3. Faucets - Memoirs Widespread Sink Faucet
4. Tub - Portrait 6' Whirlpool
5. Towel Bar - Revival 24" Towel Bar
6. Toilet Tissue Holder - Revival Toilet Tissue Holder

New Look with Less Stress

Refurbishment, restoration, redevelopment, renovate. Call it what you will but remodeling your bathroom can be expensive, time consuming, and stressful. With some help from Home and Garden Television; I found 10 steps that you should take to have a successful remodeling experience.

1. Inspiration. Use it. Get creative and think outside of the box. Inspiration can come from photos, TV, websites, or friends.

2. Budget $$$$. (Yes, you should stick to one). The average remodel costs around $26,052. Since this is always a large concern for consumers you can go to NARI where they can provide you with a budgeting worksheet. They also have awesome before and after photos to help with your creativity.

3. Hire a Contractor. Ask for help. Just make sure you check out their references. You don't want them to start your bathroom project and leave with your cash.

4. Layout. Functionality is the key to a great layout. Make sure your also paying attention to the International Residential Codes.

5. Durable Flooring. The bathroom creates a lot of foot traffic and is characterized by wet surfaces, high temperatures, and a great deal of humidity. An aesthetic appeal is important but shouldn't be the deciding factor. If your looking at flooring you should consider; tile, wood, seeing green, laminate, or vinyl. This way you can ensure your flooring will last as long as possible.

6. Countertops. These will take as much of a beating as your floor. You need to make sure you choose something that won't stain and is strong. Granite is always a number one choice because it comes in different shades and finishes.

7. Shower and Tub. Customization can turn an ordinary bathroom into an extraordinary one. There are so many options you have; you should take advantage of them. If vintage is your style. Well you can just order everything from us.

8. Fixtures..Fixtures...Fixtures. Pay attention to detail. There are great quality fixtures for your bathrooms and they can be the perfect accessory to your shower and tub.

9. Toilets. Size, height, and functionality are three factors to consider when choosing the right toilet for you. Oh yes, and comfort.

10. Proper Lighting. No one likes going into a bathroom where they are blinded with fluorescent light. Make sure you have several lighting structures to create a delicate contrast. The top four lighting types are task, ambient, accent, and decorative.

If you follow these steps you can have a beautiful stressless remodeling experience.

before picture

after picture

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Therapeutic Riding Center

We thought with all the recent blogging about funny news stories and unique toilets we could use this post to give you an update on our Community Giving Program. Last time we blogged about it we had donated to the local West Hazleton Fire Company. With that being a huge success our next project was Adopting A Horse from the Horses & Horizons Therapeutic Riding Center.

Horses & Horizons is located in Tamaqua, PA and is a non-profit organization. This program is staffed by volunteers and the owners (Harvey & Elaine Smith) who cover all the operating expenses by fundraising and receiving donations.

Horses & Horizons is a program for children and adults who have a wide variety of physical, mental, and emotional disabilities. The therapeutic riding center helps with coordination, balance, posture, attention span, concentration, speech, learning, and the forming of interpersonal relationships.

Vintage Tub and Bath recently made a donation to the Adpot-A-Horse-Program for this center and was named the proud parent of "Monkey Biz" a 26 year old horse that's been involved in the program since he was four years old.

Monkey Biz

Looking to get involved? There are many volunteer opportunities and ways to give. This week (July 9th-13th) there is a Horses & Horizons Summer Day Camp and volunteers are needed! You can also donate any amount or even sponsor your own horse.

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Monday, July 09, 2007

A Lulu of a Loo

You may think you have seen it all; but think again. In Chongqing China (a city founded 3,000 years ago) a new bathroom has come to our attention. This bathroom features more than 1,000 toilets and covers a total area of 32,290 square feet. At least you won't have to wait in line anymore! In addition to the numerous toilets; it also features an Egyptian decor with soothing music.

Some toilets are shaped as open crocodile mouths while others are topped with the bust of a woman resembling the Virgin Mary.

such a selection

But the designs don't stop there. The sinks will also give you plenty of eye candy. They are sculptures of women's buttocks's! The buttocks's were originally naked but have been mysteriously covered up with ladies underwear. Hint taken.

City officials are looking to contact the Guinness Book of World Records to consider this free four story public bathroom as the world's largest. We wish them the best of luck!

Check out these other great stools and scultpures you can find in the city.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

How much is too much for a refurbished claw foot tub?

Sharon from Cleveland Ohio is refurbishing an original claw foot tub. She is having the whole tub resurfaced (the inside, outside, and the feet of the tub) and also painted aqua. She is being charged $575 for the refurbishing.

Here are a few questions she has:

1. Are not all colors equal aside from the standard white? He told me that any color in the green range is more expensive/difficult to deal with. Is that right?
2. I read on another site that you should wax your tub with car wax to seal the surface. Is that right?
3. I'm not sure if I should be concerned about the tile under the tub.Will tile crack at the points the feet contact with? It has yet to be purchased and installed- is there anything special we need to do?

Allan, our CMO and Senior Plumbing Evangelist has this to say in response to Sharon's questions:

1. I am uncertain if green colors are more expensive than ordinary colors.I just don't know. I have never heard of that before but I am not a paint expert. $575 seems to be a fair charge for the job if it is done right and comes with a warranty. We used to give 5 year warranties with our refinished tubs.

2. As for waxing, I would caution against waxing the inside of your tub for obvious safety reasons. The outside can be waxed if you want a deep exterior shine. You want to be very careful with taking care of the interior of your refinished tub. Even using a floor mat with suction cups can pull the refinished paint from the primer when you lift it from the floor of the tub.

3. Tile cracking is a concern and I would recommend our tub coasters to even out the weight distribution of the tub against your floor. The coasters will not guarantee that the tile will not crack but it will sure reduce the odds of it happening.

tub coaster

Good luck with your tub refinishing and feel free to send us a picture of the tub when it is all done and installed!

Monday, June 25, 2007

The Brady Bunch "The Series without a Toilet"

very brady
"Here's the story of a lovely lady...who was bringing up three very lovely girls...."

Almost everyone knows the lyrics to this classical family sitcom. I could sing them to you word for word; and the first episode aired sixteen years before I was even born! ( and yes I have even seen the Brady movies)
I have two very clear Brady episode memories
1. "Ooh! My Nose! (when Marsha's face makes contact with a football, days before the big dance)
2."Well, all day long at school I hear how great Marsha is at this or how wonderful Marsha did that; Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!" ( I know where your coming from Jan..I have an older semi-perfect sister myself..hahaha)

However, I bet you didnt know that it was also known for "The Series Without a Toilet"

That's right. You may have seen the Brady's bathroom many times, but you have never seen their toilet.
Hypothetical Explanation: The Brady's are so wholesome, good, and clean that they didn't use the bathroom.
Truth: They wanted to put a toilet in but the network censors said no.

Although there was no toilet we do hear a toilet flushing. This happens only once during all of the Brady episodes ever aired. ( The 1st flush on TV was Archie Bunkers flush on All in the Family.)

Here are five more things I bet you didnt know about the Brady's:

1.The character 'Mike Brady' was ranked #14 in TV Guide's list of the "50 Greatest TV Dads of All Time"
2. Barry Williams (Greg Brady) is the only Brady kid to appear in every episode.
3. Originally, both Mike and Carol were going to be divorcees. But A.B.C. didnt like it so they then decided to make Mike a widower and leave Carol the divorcee.
4. During the 1st season the theme song wasnt sung by the Brady clan but a group called the Peppermint Trolley Company.
5. The screen door in the Brady's house was neither glass or screen.

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